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10 Meters of Fun – Weekly Programming Update

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Our first great turf workout was a success. Everyone in the WOD and the bootcamp loved the prowlers. This week we are going to start to move a little faster…

Death by 10 Meters

Your goal is to sprint 10 meters on the first minute. On the second minute you’ll sprint 20 meters. On the third.. 30 meters. And on and on. This is shuttle run style so you’ll make a turn every 10 meters. Get low and touch one hand to the ground. Try and leave as little time as possible “in transition”. No time cap on this… if you can get to minute 20 you’ll go on some sort of highlight wall we’ll create just for you πŸ™‚

Heaving Snatch Balance

We’ll continue to work on overhead strength with a variation on the snatch balance. The heaving snatch balance includes a small dip/drive to get the weight moving. Try not to miss any reps. Sit in the bottom until you are stable.

Suitcase Carry & B-Side

You’ll start seeing folks working on the B-side this week during class. Interested in joining the b-side workout? Ask your coach how.

Suitcase carries this week. You can use a KB to get started. Would be a good idea to move up to the farmers/suitcase carry implements kept with the strongman gear.

Enjoy the week!

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