12.11.17 - WOD - Amoskeag

12.11.17 – WOD


Nightmare Before Christmas WOD on 12/23. No Open Gym. Closed 12/24 and 12/25
Send Joe to Ohio Exhibition Weightlifting Meet on 1/20. All levels welcome. Friendly & fun. $20 donation recommended but not required. Ask Jeff for details

CrossFit Amoskeag – WOD

Back Squat (3×5 across)

Metcon (Time)

Against a running clock

Min 0:00-7:00


Power Clean 95/65 (135/95 RX+)


Rest remaining time…

Metcon (Time)

Against a running clock

Min 7:01-14:00

250 Double Unders (350 RX+)

Rest remaining time..

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Against a running CLock

Min 14:01 until…

One Max Set of Wall Balls 20/14

beat last weeks score

Metcon (Weight)

optional cashout

3 rounds

10 ring rows + scap row

10 dumbbell upright row

20M suitcase carry each arm

weight of db row

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