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3 Great Tips for CrossFit Goals for 2016

Everyone should set goals.

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We’re big fans of goals.  What else is going to keep you working so hard in and outside of the gym?  Here are three tips to help you set your 2016 goals and what some ideas of what you might want to concentrate on.

Set Behavior Based Goals

What is the difference between squatting 300#s and squatting 3 days per week?  You have full control of the later.  Because you can make sure you show up at the gym and pick up the barbell three days each and every week you are much more likely to hit that 300# number.

Now for many of you, more squatting doesn’t mean more better.  Pick one of those nasty gymnastics movements and commit to working on it 2-3 times per week.  If you need a target, pick a number of reps unbroken that is one more than you can do today.  After you hit that, add another rep to it.  Even if you only make progress 10 times this year, you’ll be able to do 10 more reps unbroken.

I bet you’ll get much further.

Pick Something You Aren’t Good At

Everyone loves to show off their massive bicep curls and bench presses around our gym (kidding).  Seriously though – if you have a 345# bench press but struggle to front squat 245.. we’ve got a problem.

So let’s say you stink at overhead squats (and who doesn’t).  Maybe this is the year for you to commit to getting better.  A little focus on your weaknesses will carry you a long way.

Work on something crazy you say? How long were you able to hold a plank for?.

lossing weight with crossfit
Eric’s goal is to loose body fat. He got there by making it into the gym at least 3 days per week each and every week. No excuses.

Have Check In’s Along the Way

Balance is important in fitness.  If the above bench press example were real and you attacked it each and every week for three months.  If all of your open gym time was on mobility and building strength to have a proper front squat…  you’ll smash your goal and then move on to those pesky pistols.

So don’t stick with one goal for 2016 and never look back.  Conquer your goal early so you can set a new one.

We Actually Hate New Year Resolutions..

Why wait until 1/1 to set a goal.  Goal setting should be an fluid and on going process.  If you are going to reassess what you are going to get after in 2016 remember these three tips:

  1. Make them behavior based
  2. Pick something you aren’t good at
  3. Have check in’s along the way
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