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3 Local CrossFit Competitions

Thought we could post a few upcoming competitions that we would like to participate in. Going to tag a whiteboard up in the gym for folks to sign up on. The three listed here are interesting and being put on by some great folks. Let’s get after it…

The Fall Freesome

crossfit freeBrandon at CrossFit Free puts on great events. This one should be no different. A same sex, RX only comp with teams of three is a great set up for those folks who want a competitive event. You will certainly see regional teams/regional competitors here. We would love to send a team.

The Great Equalizer

everproven crossfit compInteresting take on having a scaled and RX’d comp on the same day. Each two-person team (same sex) is made up of one RX and one scaled athlete. The technical and strength requirements are not that high (185lb clean 1RM for RX), so a lot of folks should qualify. This event is being hosted by EverProven over in Dover and is scheduled for 9/7.

The NorthEast Masters Classic

crossfit-508-logoThis is a singles competition for our masters athletes. There is a pre-masters category, so anyone 35+ can compete. The WODs are all RX but have been designed to be very inclusive. Maybe you have always wanted to do a singles comp but are turned off by all the young whippersnappers taking the podium?  This one is for you.

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