7/16/15 - Amoskeag



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CrossFit Amoskeag – Weightlifting


Row 2 min


3 sets

:35 wallfacing handstand hold

:30 rest

3 sets

:10 squat with bar on knees

:10 snatch grip overhead hold

:10 hold in bottom of overhead squat

Snatch Position Practice

Bottom with bar on knees to hang x5

Bottom with bar on knees to high hang (pause at hang) x5

Bottom with bar on knees pull (pause at hang and high hang)


3 position snatch with pause

high hang/hang/floor

work to a heavy set with perfect form


overhead squat

3×5 build

3 sec hold at top and bottom


snatch grip dead lift

3×5 across with perfect technique (should be a little heavier the 1 rm snatch)

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