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Abs by April – Nutrition Challenge

Performance Based Nutrition

Is fancy language for lose fat, gain muscle, move better. That is our goal. To empower everyone to make a few better choices about the fuel they put into their body. This 28-day challenge will have some strict rules that we suggest you follow. Pick a few or try them all… doesn’t matter. Let’s all try and make one smarter decision that we can adopt over the long term.

Wait this starts on 3/5… that is tomorrow?

Yes. No better time than the present to start. Please begin tracking your food, sleep and water in Wodify, myFitnessPal or even a Google Spreadsheet. As long as we can get all of your food logs once per week (Wednesdays).

What Can We Eat

Your best bet is to reference the list on Good Foods to Eat for Weight Loss. Thank you to CrossFit Rubicon for putting this together.

How do you earn points?
5 points per day for fuel (food). You lose one point for every rule that you break. (max 35/week)
5 points per day for exercise. You get all of them if you WOD and log your scores in Wodify. Zero points if you don’t. You max out with five workouts. (max 25/week).
1 point per day for sharing. Post a recipe/food porn to fb.com/crossfitamoskeag or instagram and get a bonus point. You must tag the gym and insert #absbyapril and #amoskeagstrong — this way we can keep track of your points. If it’s not healthy, it doesn’t count. Our discretion. (max 7/week)

Total weekly points available = 67.

There are points calculated for the nutrition challenge as a whole.
We have two benchmark workouts. One with a barbell and one with bodyweight. We will calculate your total improvement in time for each of these WOD’s and rank each individual against the entire gym. The most points are assigned to the greatest change, fewest points to the least change.

We also will do body composition testing. This is not optional. We have a 10 point measurement test and will provide you with a before and after total score in millimeters. Again, we will rank everyone based on the total change (reduction) in millimeters. You should have the same coach do your pre and post. Try and get all of your scores taken by 3/11.

You’ll also want to take some before selfies. Preferably with your shirt off. We’d like to use these as testimonials in the future. You’ll want to use them as evidence of your hard work and success.

Prizes — We’re giving away t shirts, bags of progenex and some goodies from Rogue. The winners of both sexes will get some prizes as will the man and woman that gets the most sharing points.

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