August 2020 CrossFit Programming Update - Amoskeag

August 2020 CrossFit Programming Update

august crossfit programming
august crossfit programming

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A-Side.. Our 60 Minute Group Fitness Class

In July, we saw the return to some of the most famous (or infamous!) benchmark workouts. Fran, Isabel, Death Row, and Cali Bear all made an appearance as we got back into the swing of more consistent training volumes and intensities. We also got after the Hero workout Holleyman on the 4th of July in honor of our servicemen and servicewomen around the globe. Training through July highlighted some new gymnastic complexes and skill sessions aimed at fine-tuning our positions on the bar. We worked on controlling our shapes, creating momentum, and executing different bar-driven gymnastics movements. Wrapping the month up, we got our hands on both heavy and light barbells…seeing everything from 75/55 all the way up to 275/185. We also touched the extremes on the speed side, going as fast as 2:00 and as long as 30:00. Overall, a very well balanced month of GPP was the plan, and that is what we were treated to!
Looking into August, prepare to hear the PR Bells ringing! We will see a Wendler style application based on a 6-4-2 adjusted progression for the Squat, Press, and Deadlift. The goal is to build through the month, hitting each weekly, and hopefully setting a lot of new PRs by the end! By focusing on those three slow lifts we are getting a bit more of a Powerlifting focus through August. But…that’s not all. Our 2020 blueprint called for Powerlifting & Pump! So, rest assured that August is going to have a lot of exposure to some new movements (in both Workouts and Finishers) that will help us chase the PUMP! As always, we keep our eyes on the prize of the long-term GPP focus and we’ve got classics like DT & Cali Love to make sure we are getting the right amount of intensity. Buckle up for a great month of training!  

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

Hola, NCCOMPETE fam! We had an eventful and well-rounded July. Each week through July we were treated to (1) Long Conditioning Effort (20min+ dedicated to aerobic capacity), (1) Sprint Intervals, (1) Interval + Skill (EMOM format, moderate length, high intensity, skill + conditioning), (1-2) Additional Metcon (mixed modal, Open-style workouts), and (1) Just Move (15-20min of flow movement with or without a vest). Strength was also more consistent through the month of July with the following elements weekly: (1) Heavy Squat, (1) Heavy or Skill Push, (1) Heavy or Position Pull, (1) Oly Heavy or Complex, (1) Oly Skill or Speed Work, (1) Gym Strength or Additional Skill, and (1) Strength Accessory. In July for NCMETCON, we got back to some heavier volume and testing as well (see the NCMETCON recap). If you were following NCCOMPETE and hitting all the GPP training through NCMETCON, you definitely got a heavy dose! Coming into August, we are in a great position to tackle one more month of very hard training before we start thinking about tapering-off.

In August, we will be riding the powerlifting and pump train set forth through NCMETCON. Your GPP sessions will include a strength cycle building toward new 2RMs in Squat, Deadlift, and Press. In addition for NCCOMPETE, we will layer in some more OLY work for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch…intentionally focusing on the full-squat receiving positions for both movements. Aside from the powerlifting and OLY work, athletes will be directed to REST on certain days to ensure that we are adequately recovering both from a physical and neurological standpoint. For the Conditioning, athletes will have (3) hard additional metcons weekly in the 15-20min range. The goal for these will be sustained intensity. We will be seeing how all of last month’s work benefits us in this key time domain. Lastly, (2) times a week athletes will work more of a skill driven session focusing on lowering the intensity and practicing key movements. August will be a very tough training month…let’s get after it!

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