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B-Side Proficiency Test

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The reason for this test is simple – to protect all of the participants at our gym.  For a lot of us this is our second home.  We all want to feel safe and watch others around us being safe.  Since the B-Side is typically un-supervised we think meeting certain requirements to work out on your own, full-time, is the best way to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

The rules of the test are as follows:

Must complete 8 out of 9 to qualify for full time B-Side.  This means you don’t have to attend any A-Side classes each week.

If less than 8 out of 9 you will need to take at least two coached A-Side classes per week.  Specialty classes do not count.  We will monitor this and suspend privileges if it is not met.

The best way to keep track of attendance and your overall ability is to sign into class and regularly submit your scores on Wodify.

No changes to open gym time on Saturday and Sunday.  You can still workout as you please.

If you workout on the A-side regularly and want to do extra work after class – that is ALWAYS OK.  Just let a coach know.



Back Squat

  • Moderate weight for 5-7 reps. 50/30# over BW
  • Chest up.
  • Knees over toes.
  • Understands how to properly bail behind to avoid injury

Front Squat

  • Moderate weight for 5-7 reps. 50/30# over BW
  • Drives up w/ elbows.
  • Chest up / no collapsing.
  • Knees over toes.
  • Knows how to properly bail forward to avoid injury


  • Moderate weight for 3-5 reps. 75/50# over BW
  • Flat back.  No flexion or extension mid rep.
  • No hitching.
  • No bouncing of bar

Power Clean

  • 5 reps TnG at 135/95#
  • Smooth pull from floor to pockets.
  • Weight caught with an upright chest, on the shoulders and with high elbows.

Power Snatch

  • 5 reps TnG at 115/75#
  • Smooth pull from floor to pockets.
  • Weight caught with an upright chest, locked out arms, and a safe + stable foot & knee position

Pull Ups

  • Strict pull ups.  Five reps.  No hinging at hip or knee.
  • Gymnastic kip.  Demonstrate 5-10 reps.

Toes to Bar

  • Control in the kip.
  • Toes easily to bar
  • Head remains mostly forward/neutral
  • Able to connect 5-7 reps
  • Toes swing back behind the center of the rig for a good rep


  • Strict.  Two Reps.  Control down & contact w/ one ab mat at a maximum


  • Legs first. Arms Second
  • Straight back and upright chest
  • Pull to sternum
  • No leg contact
  • Men able to maintain 500m under 1:55 and women 2:05

Version 1.0 – 7.11.17

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