Lori’s journey has been motivating to witness.  Just thinking of Lori puts a smile on my face. She is a wonderful part of our community and we are lucky to have her.  What Lori may not realize is how motivating she is to others. Her positive attitude and pure grit are contagious. If she is in my class I know I will be pushed a little harder because of her presence.  She believes in everyone and it has been amazing to see her believe in herself. I remember watching her one day completing a cash-out of many devil’s presses – it was something like 50 devil presses for time.  It was hard, really hard. I knew watching her that nothing on this earth was stopping her from completing them. Just thinking about that moment gives me goosebumps – it is rare that you witness in life such determination and a mental attitude to refuse to fail.  She did it – she did all those devil’s presses and was filled with all the emotions. I was so proud and inspired by her at that moment. Because of her hard work and selflessness, Lori has been immortalized on our “Wall of Fame” 2 times. The first for winning the 2018 Nutrition Challenge which is a testament to her hard work and determination.  She also was awarded the 2020 Spirit of the Open. This award proves that not only does she give it her all when she is training but she also is the first one to support others, sometimes even while she’s working out. Now if I have a moment that I want to quit or doubt myself I often think of Lori and ask myself “what would she do?” – she never quits, she pushes forward and does what it takes to accomplish her goals.  It doesn’t get more inspirational than that! – Heather

When did you start CrossFit?

In September 2016

What were you doing for activity before CrossFit?

Walking outside and the treadmill Editors note: WOW!!! What a change from walking on the treadmill solo to being a clear leader in a community of fitness buffs!!! What an amazing change.

Lori Feels Strong
Lori deadlifting during the 2020 CrossFit Open

Tell me about your weight loss journey?

I’ve lost 64lbs since joining CF.  I’ve struggled with gaining and losing weight once I hit my 30s.

What changes have you made with your diet and has it transitioned over to your everyday life?

I’m about 85% paleo. I cut out most dairy. It doesn’t bother me when I eat it but I feel better without it. I won’t deprive myself from any food group.

Have you set milestone goals for yourself?

Yes, I want to lose another 20lbs by next Spring. I’d like to get a minimum of 10-20 double unders by year end and possibly get my toes up to that darn bar….. soon.

What inspires you to keep motivated?

My inspiration is how good and strong I feel. Another Editor’s note.. Amazing to hear that someones’ inspiration is so internal. I’m jealous!

What have you accomplished with CrossFit this year that you’re proud of?

RXing 4 of the 5 2020 Open WODs. Back Squatting 175#. Hitting 10 105# C&J’s, and most recently, it was my very first time doing 20” box jumps in a WOD!

What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

I’d like to run a 5K

We know you can do it, Lori. Let us know when you sign up for that 5K and we will run it with you.