As a community we’ve made the switch to NCFit for our gyms programming.  Check out the detailed write up that you’ll get every month.

March’s Programming Focus


In March we shift our focus to SPEED. Speed is an essential component to many of our movements but in particular a huge part of our fast lifts like the clean, jerk, and snatch. Moving into the right positions with the QUICKNESS! This is where coordination and accuracy help us out…we’ve spent time practicing some of these movements and positions, now we focus a little more on speed. This is ability to move yourself into positions quickly We will also focus on speed in a more traditional understanding — moving fast in workouts…everyone’s favorite. This involves overall speed but also minimizing the cycle time of movements. The month of March will bring some workouts and finishers that will force us to really move. In testing our fast lifts, we will focus on light to moderate loading to really allow the athletes to get themselves quickly extended and then quickly under the bar. This speed up and then down is the essence of all Olympic Lifting! Now, we want to make sure this is clearly understood…the focus on speed does not mean we want to see reckless movement.  We will still be ensuring that mechanics are dialed-in, followed by consistency of those mechanics, and then and only then…intensity in the form of speed or load. March will bring some fan favorites and lots of fast lifting…get ready!


Last month in NC30 we explored dumbbell and kettlebell complexes and transferred some of those movements into a few benchmark workouts that will be re-tested in the upcoming months. For March, we will continue to see the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, defined time domains, and finishers but also now shifting some of our focus to gymnastic skills. Key to our exploration of these skills will be increasing body awareness, improving balance and building better coordination. Throughout the month will see some strength/skill gymnastic components in addition to a couple benchmark workouts. Learning and fine tuning how to move your body through space is one of the most important skills to master as it transfers to so many of our other functional movements and day-to-day activities. Have fun with this gymnastics focus and as always, have a blast!

B-SIDE / Compete

PRE-COMPETITION (DEC-MARCH) High intensity and low volume here. Practicing a lot of mixed pieces (long to short) as we are about to start the season. A testing will be done about a month out from the open to see the athlete’s current fitness level and assess weaknesses, as well as prepare the mind for competition. You will see harder pieces on Friday and Monday to prepare for the 2x attempts the athletes will be taking at the open workouts.

Group Program Overview


Our 60 minute class. A-SIDE is high intensity training at it’s finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, so get ready to get after it! *Prep Course Required


Our 30 minute class. Sweat30 is fast paced and fun. Workouts combine simple bodyweight, gymnastics, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet, and super sweaty!


The ultimate goal of B-SIDE is to prepare athletes with competitive aspirations to reach their goals. Our main focus will be preparing athletes to be ‘competition ready’ in February-March time frame each year. Each athlete will need to adjust the programming to their own physical and psychological tolerances as well as determine what is the investment necessary to reach their particular goals. For example, an athlete who aspires to qualify for Regional-level competition will approach B-SIDE differently than an athlete looking to have fun and place higher in the Open. Both are legitimate goals ands can be accomplished through thoughtful application of the program, but the day to day execution will look very different. B-SIDE is programmed on a 7-day training cycle with 5 training days and 2 rest or recovery days. Each training day consists of three parts — A, B, C. Parts A (dedicated conditioning, strength, or metcon) and B (our A-SIDE workout) are prescribed for all athletes and should be accomplished as closely to as written as possible during normal class times if possible. Part C is bias or weakness work which each athlete can choose to follow on a daily basis. We recommend that the athlete pick one bias, follow that track for 3-6 weeks, and then evaluate. From a broader viewpoint, B-SIDE has three phases of training through the year – base building, ramp-up, and pre-comp.

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