Body Building Day 1 - Amoskeag

Body Building Day 1

CrossFit Amoskeag – Weightlifting


A. Max Pull-up or max pull-up hold Re-test

Go for a max set or a max pull-up hold for time. Give it one good go and call it a day. This is a one and done, repeats are not going to be beneficial here.


B1. 5 benchpress moderate weight

B2. 10 dips

B3. 15 banded tricep extensions

X3 superset


C1. 10 ring rows

C2. 10 DB regular curls

C3. 10 DB reverse flies

X3 superset


D1. DB 10 lateral raises

D2. DB 10 front raises

D3. 20 Drunk Drivers

X3 superset



Rower knee tucks x10

Bicycles x20

V-ups x10

X3 rounds rest as needed

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