Body Building Day 1- Deload week - Amoskeag

Body Building Day 1- Deload week

CrossFit Amoskeag – Weightlifting


**There will be no pullups this week. We will deload and let the body recover a bit and retest those pullups next week.**

A. Renegade Rows 3×10

holding two dumbells, perform a pushup then a DB row on each arm while holding that pushup position = 1 rep


B1. Banded face pulls 3×15

B2. DB strict press 3×10

B3. DB hammer curl 3×10

superset all 3- yes I said all 3


C1. Lateral DB raises 3×10

C2. Dips 3×10

C3. Pushup plank hold 30 seconds

superset all 3



weighted straight leg situp x15 (hold weight overhead)

hollow rock x15

superman x15

x3 rounds rest as needed

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