Body Building Day 2 - Amoskeag

Body Building Day 2


Nightmare Before Christmas WOD on 12/23. No Open Gym. Closed 12/24 and 12/25
Send Joe to Ohio Exhibition Weightlifting Meet on 1/20. All levels welcome. Friendly & fun. $20 donation recommended but not required. Ask Jeff for details

CrossFit Amoskeag – Weightlifting


A1. DB bench press 3×4 HEAVY

A2. 3×5 pull-ups

Superset if possible, if too taxing to do both movements then break up and rest as needed


B1. Arnold Curl to Press 3×8 build in weight each set

B2. Banded scap squeezes High/Medium/Low 5/5/5 x3 sets



C1. Lat pull downs Banded or with machine 3×12

C2. Push-up with 2 second pause at bottom with chest just above floor 3×10



D1. Banded good mornings 3×15

D2. Jumping Lunges 3×20 (10 each leg alternating) DO NOT SLAM KNEE ON GROUND




Dball/sandbag belly hold- 1 minute

Hollow rock hold- 45 seconds

side plank- 30 seconds (each side)

L-sit- 15 seconds

3 rounds rest as needed

This is 3 minutes total of static holds. Aim for good positions and take your time. Modify the time domains to suit your needs and abilities. When the quality of your positioning fails, end the movement and go to the next.

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