Body Building Day 2 - Amoskeag

Body Building Day 2

CrossFit Amoskeag – Weightlifting

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Each segment is to be done as an EMOTM for 5 sets. There is a 2 minute transition window between each segment. A is done on first minute. B is done on second minute. Rest the remainder of the minute after finishing each movement. You should stick with same Barbell weight for entire workout.

A- Reverse curl x15

B- Lying skull crushers x15


A- Good morning x10

B- Back Squat x15


A- racked barbell row x12

B- dips on same barbell x12


A- back rack reverse lunge x10 PER LEG

B- Back rack jumping squats x5-10 (athlete choice)


A- Plank 30-45 seconds

B- legs at 6 inches off floor hold 30-45 seconds

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