Body Building Day 2 - Amoskeag

Body Building Day 2

CrossFit Amoskeag – Weightlifting

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You will only need bands today. Get a variety of all tensions (orange, red, green, grey, purple, black). Also grab some of the mini bands. Be ready to use many or all of them.

Same EMOTM format as Day one. 5 sets of each combo.

A- banded curls x10

B- banded pushups x10 (modify this as needed)


A- Banded good mornings x12

B- Banded monster walk with bands around ankles x20


A- Banded face pulls x15 (attach red or orange band to rig at eye level)

B- Banded standing rows x15 (attach green band to rig at belly button level)


A- Banded hamstring curls (attach red or green band to rig just above floor)x10

B- walking lunge x10/leg


A- L sit hold (modify if needed) x athlete choice

B- TTB x athlete choice

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