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Conditioning Workouts for Everyone

conditioning workouts in manchester nh

Typically strength training is easy. Add a little weight or a few more reps with a barbell or dumbbell and you will progress. How do you do that with conditioning? How do you steadily improve over weeks and months knowing that you are making progress? Here are some conditioning workouts that you can anywhere. Our Manchester-area facility, located in Bedford, NH is a great place to do these conditioning workouts. You may have a little trouble doing them in a home gym, but could try or even substitute equipment or running for any of the options.

Aerobic Repeats for Conditioning

Interval training is a great training methodology. Do some work and then rest. Do it again. Hence “repeats”. There are two approaches to this.

  1. Go as fast as you can. Rest. Repeat, but at a lesser overall output because you are tired. These tend to be painful and not fun.
  2. Go at a moderate pace, what we call 80%, and then rest and recover almost fully. These allow you to do more overall rounds or reps and, at the same time, are pretty enjoyable conditioning workouts.
assault bike in bedford nh

An assault bike is an excellent option for conditioning. You can use distance, calories, or time to do your aerobic repeats.

Examples of Aerobic Repeats for Conditioning Workouts

Here is an easy set of workouts for conditioning using the assault bike. Remember you can substitute any other form of aerobic work – running, walking, rowing, etc.. We are using the assault bike for this particular conditioning workout.

  • Bike 15 Calories
  • 15 Burpees
  • Rest 3 min
  • x 3 rounds

Why do we like this workout? Anyone can do it. CrossFit is infinitely scaleable and for everyone. Our workouts are designed for your individual level of fitness each and every day. Learn more about beginning CrossFit here.

How do you modify this workout over time to improve your conditioning? Here are three options.. you could choose any of the three conditioning workout paths. Just make sure you stick with one for a few weeks.

Bike Conditioning Workout 1

  • Bike 20 Calories
  • 20 Burpees
  • Rest 3 min
  • x 3 rounds

In this option, you keep the rest and rounds the same, but increase the total calories and reps. You’re adding endurance volume. Awesome for your plans to run a spartan race or a 5K down the road.

Bike Conditioning Workout 2

  • Bike 15 Calories
  • 15 Burpees
  • Rest 3 min
  • x 4 rounds

Here you are adding total volume in the way of time to your conditioning workout. These are great for your longer time-domain events. Conditioning for marathons, triathlons or even some of the longer obstacle course races.

Bike Conditioning Workout 3

  • Bike 15 Calories
  • 15 Burpees
  • Rest 2 min
  • x 3 rounds

In this final version, we are reducing the amount of time that you rest in your conditioning workouts. This is great when you are working on building speed, linking sections of a race, or just trying to keep up with your super active kids. Personally I find this version to be the most rewarding mentally as well.

Longer Conditioning Workouts

Another great way to improve your conditioning? Take your time. Most people do shorter, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), but ignore longer workouts. Moving for an hour, or even longer, is a great way to do that.

In our daily group fitness classes we accomplish this by packing in warmups, workouts and cooldowns into a short 1-hour time window. But you can also do longer workouts, hikes, or even long walks to help improve your overall conditioning. Here is a great example of a workout with some demo videos for the movements.

  • Row 1250 Meters
  • 200M Farmers Carry
  • 15 Wall Walks
  • 30 Double Unders
  • x 3 rounds
concept 2 rower in bedford nh
A rower is a great way to build a consistent pace. Awesome for long conditioning workouts.
kettlebells in manchester nh
You can use kettle bells for both swings, but also carries. An awesome conditioning exercise.

Farmers Carries for Conditioning

Farmers carries are great at keeping your body upright and moving. Think of this as a great way to get better at jogging but also carrying your groceries.

Wall Walks for Conditioning

This can be intimidating, we know. But even if you only crawl your feet a few steps up the wall you’ll be improving your core, balance and making your heart rate soar through the discomfort. Sometimes a great way to get a good conditioning workout is to give yourself a bit of a challenge that you have to slow down and think about.

That workout will take you a long time. 45-60 min and make you sweat and breathe heavy the whole way. Take your time and maintain the same pace. You can add reps or complexity to make it more difficult and further develop your conditioning

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) for Conditioning

Pick something you can do… anything. Push ups? Great. How many? Hmmm…. 8-10. Awesome. Let’s pick 10. What else are you good at? Sit-ups? OK, let’s do 10 of those as well.

Workout 1 – EMOM 16 Minutes

  • Minute 1 – 10 Push ups
  • Minute 2 – 10 Sit-ups
  • x 16 total Minutes

We are sticking to a number of reps that we can easily do, with a relatively low heart rate. Our goal could be to extend the total minutes OR build conditioning for the total number of reps we can easily do.

Workout 2 – EMOM 16 Minutes

  • Minute 1 – 12 Push Ups
  • Minute 2 – 12 Push Ups
  • x 16 Total Minutes

In conditioning workout 2 we decided to go with increasing the total number of reps we can easily do. If done correctly when you get to the final minutes you’ll be a little tired, a little out of breath, but still feel like the workout wasn’t super hard.

Why Conditioning Workouts Are Important?

Your lungs and heart literally run your life. Tone and muscles look great, but they aren’t everything. You want to be able to move easily, freely and without getting tired. Go on a hike with your friends, play with your grandkids, or go away on an adventure vacation and come back feeling totally refreshed. Conditioning workouts will do that for you. And a little bonus – you’ll build more tone, drop some excess body fat, and look better.

At CrossFit Amoskeag we do conditioning workouts every day. Why don’t you try us out?

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