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CrossFit For Beginners – Starting 10/5

Every month we have a new class of completely new to CrossFit, and often new to functional training, students come through our doors. It’s great. We see so much progress, so quickly, that we continuously surprise ourselves. Though we shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

erics crossfit resultsThe Secret is in the Exercises

We use full body, functional movements to drive the highest amount of change with the smallest amount of effort. This doesn’t mean it won’t be hard, it will be. It means it’s efficient.

The Power is in the Community

Along with our training protocols come a great group of athletes, coaches and owners. You can look at their day-to-day struggles and accomplishments in real time. The motivation and learning that comes from this alone can help you exceed your goals.

It’s time to sign up

We use functional movement and the power of community to help you achieve your goals faster. Through correct movement, strength gain and nutritional recommendations we can help you achieve your fitness goals along side of others just like you.

Eric from the text message exchange above, who’s been with us just over 6 months, is a perfect example.


The details — Our CrossFit On Ramp program is $165. The first three classes are no-commitment. At the beginning of the fourth class your payment is due. There are 6 total classes. Once you complete the course, you get 3 weeks of unlimited classes for free.

Our CrossFit Beginner Program starts 10/5 @ 7:30PM. It runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night for two weeks. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule if you are serious about getting in shape. Please reach out.

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