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CrossFit Open 16.2 Strategy Guide and Tips

For most mortals, 16.2 will be a short workout… 8-12 minutes of core stability and low back stress. Keep safe, use the prep guide below and please.. for the love of god.. do singles on the cleans.

16.2 – T2B, DUs & Squat Cleans

First thing first, get your body ready. The video prep guide is great (and so is The Movement Fix in general). Watch this video and incorporate into your warm up.

The Low Back Killer

So what are the points of performance to focus on?

  • Toes 2 Bar are a low back killer. Break them up, don’t chew through your grip and don’t tear your hands
  • Start with singles, Dan Bailey did. There is no reason to chew through your engine by doing eccentric movements (lowering the bar)
  • If you aren’t going to make the squat clean, don’t try. There is no need to get hurt
  • The Movement Fix

    Check out this write up here: TMF 16.2 – It’s great.

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