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CrossFit Rowing Tips

This is an ongoing collection of videos, tips and exercises to improve your rowing technique.  We will collect and comment on videos that we feel can make a direct impact to your rowing whether it is a part of your CrossFit routine or you row as a standalone workout.

CrossFit Rowing Tips Section 1 – Improve the Quality of Your Stroke

There are a few really great pieces of information in this video that all rowers, on an erg or otherwise should pay attention to.

  1. The stroke is broken down into two pieces – The drive (work) and recovery (rest)
  2. You can break the drive down into three sections – Arms, Body and Legs
  3. The recovery is the drive in reverse

CrossFit Rowing Drill 1

The video does a good job of breaking this drill down.  It’s a great warm up for any row and could be done at the beginning of your session or just before starting a metcon to get your mind and body thinking about correct technique.

Step 1. Arms Only – With your body at the 11 o’clock position extend your arms and then pull the handle back to your chest.  Keep your back straight and your legs extended.  Do this for 30 seconds

Step 2. Body & Arms – With your body at the 11 o’clock position again, extend your arms fully.  As they reach full extension bring your body forward with a tall chest all the way to the 1 o’clock position.  Return to the 11 o’clock position and then bring your arms back to your chest.  Do this for 30 seconds.

Step 3. Full Stroke – Repeat step 2.  As your body reaches the 1 o’clock position bend your knees and pull yourself towards the rower until your shins are vertical and your chest in the upright/1 o’clock position.  Then perform the action in reverse.   Extend your legs while keeping your chest upright and arms extended.  Move your torso from 1 o’clock to the 11 o’clock position.  Finally pull your arms to your chest while your back remains at 11 o’clock.  Do this for 30 seconds.

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