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December 2020 Fitness Programming Update

We understand these are uncommon times. In order to help people stay fit through the holidays and to help keep our community safe, we are offering an online-only programming option. For just $35 you can access all of our great programming INCLUDING NCGO – a shorter at-home workout compete with follow-along videos. Email to sign up.

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A-Side.. Our 60 Minute Group Fitness Class

Our focus for the month of November was prepping for our Wendler-esque cycle (we call it esque because it’s based off a heavy double) that would carry into December as well as checking off the 3rd test of some of our favorite workouts across 2020, including everyone’s favorite, “Cali-Bear”! The other half of our November focus was Conditioning, and we made sure to see workouts in the mid-20s timeframe 1-2 times per week. For our Metcons, we kept them simple and effective with a leaning towards the classic style that hooked us on this type of training while playing with new combinations of movements and formats to keep it fun! November brought a few new additions to our weekly rotations including Partner Workout options each weekend! You can continue to expect to see these weekly.

Believe it or not, 2020 is coming to a close as we enter the final month of the year! December will be starting off by riding the momentum and focus of our Wendler-esque cycle by entering the month on the final training week before the de-load and re-test weeks. There is nothing like capping off the year with new PRs! We have seen a lot of fun had by the re-emergence of Partner Workouts and couldn’t be more excited to keep that trend going through the month and beyond as they continue to swap weekly between Saturday and Sunday. For our Benchmark workouts in December, we may be late to the party with “D.T.” that has moved it’s way in from November. Additionally we will see the NCFIT classics “California Love” and “12 Days of NCFIT”. We can’t wait to put the stamp on the end of this year with you all!

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

How about a quick November recap before we get into our final training month of 2020!? In November, we focused on tackling (1) Open workout per week that had previously never been tested — a fresh look at some tough tests! We are firm believers that if you want to do well in the Open, you need to experience the Open workouts more and more. Open workouts have a specific feel, stress, and common movement patterns…the more you can put yourself in that environment the more successful you will be when it’s time to tackle them for real. At the very least, it should be “no sweat” when you hear the words Open Workout — we’ve done close to 20 this year! We also got plenty of reps of interval conditioning. We focused on the rower…starting with 1000m efforts and working down to sprint 250m repeats. Our conditioning efforts also gave us exposure to hard sprint efforts immediately into max effort high skill gymnastics. Executing these movements under duress is key! Finally, we saw (2) focus on our strength portions: 1.) barbell cycling with moderate-heavy loads, and 2.) wave loading and irregular rep schemes. Both of these were to help athletes get accustomed to moving the moderate-heavy barbell…a skill we know you will need in the Open!

The best news for December…no Open workouts this month, ha! We’ve had enough for 2020 but expect to catch a few in January before we hit the 2021 Open. Overall this month, we are going to chase well-roundedness in all parts of NCCOMPETE. We will end the year with training hard, seeing lots of different looks, and working on the skills and styles that give us the most bang for the buck. In December, our conditioning will focus on the following week to week distribution: (2) additional metcons, (2) skill + monostructural effort, (1) recovery effort. The metcons will focus on well-rounded, fun GPP workouts…nothing fancy, just good ‘ol hard work! The skill + mono will give more exposure to common Open skills while breathing heavy. And the recovery effort will be a long, low, and slow grind. In the strength elements, we will focus on a well-rounded distribution as well! Each week, we will see (2) heavy slow lifts + accessory work, (1) heavy oly effort, (1) midline-focused effort, and (1) strict gymnastic effort. A great way to end the year with a good mix of fast and slow lifts. We’re going to lift some heavy weights, refine our touches in oly, and end the year on a high note!

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