December Member of the Month - Geno Brown - Amoskeag

December Member of the Month – Geno Brown

Gene Brown


Where to start with Gene Brown? He walked into CrossFit AmoskeagTyler's Pumpkin Patch over a year ago (looking like Prince Harry) with some CrossFit experience under his belt. With natural athletic ability and talent (local high school and college football star), he immediately turned heads with his strength and speed. Although Gene is one of the fitter men in the box, it is not the reason we chose him to be December’s member of the month. Gene epitomizes the meaning of a self-motivator and is CONSTANTLY on the go. Not only is he an ambitious CrossFitter (the man dedicated himself non-stop to getting his first muscle up and hit both his bar and ring muscle up in 2 weeks!), but in addition to his day job, he’s a published children’s book author, great supporter of local businesses and organizes one of the biggest charitable events in Manchester to benefit Make a Wish NH! On top of all that, Gene is one the most humble and down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet. His combination of humility, persitence, and dedication to everything he sets his mind to makes Gene an easy choice for member of the month and a great example of what it means to be #AmoskeagStrong!

Congratulations Gene! 

For those interested in supporting Gene’s Annual Event, the “11th Annual” Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, please follow the link below.


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When/How/why did you choose to CrossFit?
I started CrossFit back in 2007 when there weren’t really any Box’s in the area that I knew about. I used to use just a basic local gym in Manchester. My buddy, who was in the Army, introduced me to the CrossFit website when he was home on leave around the Holidays. We would look at the site every day and follow the workouts as best we could. The first workout of ever did was “Cindy.”  I immediately loved the style of workout and intensity. Throughout the years following I always based my workouts similar to the CrossFit mentality (high intensity, circuits, no longer than 20-30 minutes at the gym)…  Last year, I was seeing a girl who was really big into CrossFit. I went to CFA with her one Saturday morning randomly and I have been going ever since.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Amoskeag?
The owners, fellow members and especially the coaches. I hear other gyms can discourage you or force you to feel like you have to do a weight or an exercise even if you are injured or cannot do the move. This is totally not the case at CFA. In fact, every coach is extremely understanding and completely open to figuring out ways to adjust a workout or move so that it accommodates and works for you.

What role have your family/friends played in your CrossFit journey?
Doesn’t really apply… I’m a bachelor who lives with my brother. My parents just tell me to go easy and listen to my body. They’re supportive but also don’t want to see me get hurt.

Who at CFA do you look up to, respect or admire and why?
I respect all of the athletes at CFA. Just having the drive and dedication to continue to workout and live a healthy lifestyle is awesome. However, I have a lot of respect and admire all of you parents out there. Raising a family and finding time to get your WOD in every day cannot be easy. I have a hard enough time being the bachelor I am. If I ever reach the point in my life when I have children, I hope I instill the same healthy attitude you all do with yourselves and your families.

Favorite WOD/Skill?
I enjoy WODs that are more body weight and endurance. Cindy, Murph, etc…

genebrownLeast favorite WOD or skill (your “Goat”)?
Anything with power cleans or a front rack, because I can’t do them with my elbow.


Biggest challenge so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?
I would say my biggest challenge so far is adjusting the workouts to what I’m able to do. I’ve had elbow and shoulder issues in the past so mobility becomes an issue/concern on days when the workout calls for cleans.  On these days I make adjustments and the coaches help me do this.

Proudest accomplishment so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?
The day I did my first muscle up on the bar and rings has been my proudest moment so far. When you get old there aren’t many times in life where you get such a great sense of accomplishment. It was a similar feeling to when I hit my first home run in Little League. It was impossible not to smile. It’s also impossible not to smile when you see others reach their goals…

Best experience as part of CFA?
I really enjoyed experiencing “Murph” on Memorial DayMurph weekend. When you begin CrossFit you start to hear people throw this workout name around. You find out about it soon enough. Pushing myself to the limit, and getting after it with everyone else in the gym was a powerful feeling. Not only did I feel like we were paying such a great tribute, but it was the first time I saw the whole gym going to battle together. Nobody let anyone off on their own, there was always somebody there to route and push them through the workout. It was a great day

Favorite quote or motto?
“Deeper” – Geno Dempsey

When you think it’s tough, difficult or impossible, what keeps you going?
Honestly, I can’t say enough about the CFA family. Whenever life gets difficult or I find my busy schedule impacting me showing up… someone always shoots me an encouraging “reminder” text or message on Facebook. It’s not that I could never work out on my own, it’s the feeling that you don’t want to let your co-WOD’s down. The support and motivation that is always there from CFA members is amazing.

Future goals?
I would say my future goals are to continue to better my health and well-being; To experience the many benefits of Crossfit without pushing my limits too far and risking injury. To look like Jim Bell when I’m his age.

Your message to readers:
I’ve been a member at CrossFit Amoskeag for one year now. Since college football I’ve stayed in shape but chose not to do many lifting exercises as my elbows and shoulders have seen their share of injuries. My biggest concern prior to joining was that I would feel forced to do exercises that would hurt me physically in the long run (and make current injuries worse). This was totally not the case. Unlike other CF gyms or how CrossFit is sometimes perceived, CFA provides a totally different attitude and atmosphere. Not once have I felt pressured to do an exercise I don’t want to. If anything, the coaches will always find me an alternative to get just as good of a workout as the original posted. Many of them have PT and massage backgrounds so they are big advocates of mobility and stretching.

Throughout the past year CFA has grown and expanded significantly. They’ve added nutritional programs, physical therapy “one on one” sessions, teen and youth classes, Yoga and much more. It’s not only a gym; It is a community. There’s a consistent motivation in the air that stays with you when you leave; making it easy to return…and always looking forward to the next workout.
Bottom line, this past year I’ve probably been in some of the best physical shape of my life. However, it’s not just physical but also mental as you gain a sense of personal pride and confidence.
If you’re considering CrossFit Amoskeag… My advice is to give it a try… It’s addicting, challenging, but most importantly rewarding. You will also meet some pretty cool people along the way…
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