Weightlifting – CrossFit Style

Date: Saturday, January 20th – 8:30AM – 11:30PM

Our annual weightlifting throwdown will challenge your mind and body.  This event will be a fun, open to all levels, community fundraiser. Done in a CrossFit Games Ladder-style, this event will see everyone lined up, ready for a 3-2-1 go, and then pulling weight from the floor to overhead (eventually).

The set up is simple.

Two rows of bars.  One for men and one for the woman.  Pre-loaded with incremental jumps from light to really heavy.  Everyone starts at one end and gets 60-90s to make each lift.  We’ll do the snatch first and then have a short break and reset for the clean and jerk.

The event will have an 8:30AM briefing and a 9AM sharp start.  It should run roughly 2.5 hours total.

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Benefit for CFA Hero, Joe Chinnici

Joe is off to the Arnold Classic in Cleveland OH.  The trip is a celebration — A right of passage as a qualifier for the American Open Series as a masters athlete in the 77kg weight class.  We will be accepting donations to help Joe make his trip to Cleveland and to represent our gym, a little bit easier.  Recommended donation is $20.  You can specify the amount you would like to donate below.

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