Sizzling Summer Nutrition Smackdown

July 8th – September 2nd

2019/07/08 23:59:59
Are you ready take your diet and nutrition to the next level? Our Sizzling Summer Nutrition Smackdown will have you tracking what you eat, when you eat it along with your sleep and workouts, all the while benchmarking your performance with carefully selected tests and getting advanced body composition analysis with full-page printed results via the InBody 570. 

Our 2019 Nutrition Challenge kicks off in July and is open to anyone, gym members and non-members! The cost of participation is $75 for CFA members.

Included in the Nutrition Challenge

Level 1 Nutrition Seminar

The first one hour Seminar will run the evening of July 8th @ 6:30pm and will formally kick off 2018’s Nutrition Challenge. Attendance is recommended but not required for participation in the Challenge. All information will be emailed to participants for those who cannot attend, the Seminar will cover:

  • Rules for the challenge
  • The basics of how to eat healthy
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Macro Counting


There will be prize podiums for each gender.

First Place

Shoes of Your Choice

1 Free Month Membership

Second Place

CFA Shirt of Your Choice

Supplement of Your Choice

Third Place

CFA Shirt of Your Choice

InBody 570

Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.

Included in the Challenge are three InBody scans ($150 value) with printed reports. Your first InBody scan is available immediately after signing up for the Challenge. You do not have to wait until October 15th to test.

One-on-One Feedback

Fitness Journal Reviews

You’ll be keeping a Fitness Journal as part of this Challenge and recording daily what you eat and when, your workouts, and your sleep. Workouts and sleep will be tracked in a shared Google doc but what you eat will be tracked in the My Fitness Pal app.

A Nutrition Challenge Coach will review your Fitness Journal twice in the Challenge, once in the first 4 weeks and once in the second 4 weeks. You’ll receive an email with feedback from your Coach each review.

You can use My Fitness Pal to track your macros each day.

Challenge Coaches


Daniel Baram


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