The 2nd Annual

5th Element

Co-Ed Team CrossFit Competition

Registration closes in:
2019/04/30 20:00:00

About the Event

This year’s event will be hosted on May 5th, 2019 and brings a unique twist to your normal team CrossFit competition. Teams will compete as rotating units of 4 while your fifth athlete completes an individual test. These indy tests will range from strength to cardio to gymnastics and vary in lengths. While both team and individual events will be announced before the competition, you won’t know which team workout runs concurrently to each individual test – this may force your team to make adjustments on the fly. All athletes should expect to complete 4 tests of fitness the day of competition. There will be 3 formal team workouts (including floater), a team strength test, and 4 varied tests that individuals will complete. However, whom you choose to complete which test is entirely up to you and your team!


More Details

Cost: $325 per team

Team Composition: 2 Males, 2 Females, and a fifth teammate of your choice, Male or Female

Swag: All teams that register by April 8th will receive custom event apparel


  • Scaled: Newer athletes, scaling the majority of their workouts
  • Intermediate/RX: RXing most but maybe not quite all movements
  • Masters 40+: Aging like a fine wine no doubt

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Standards of the 5th Element

Choose Your Division

Athletes 40+ may of course compete on a team in any division they feel appropriate for their skill level.

Movement for Reps Intermediate/RX Scaled Masters 40+
Deadlifts 245/165 165/125 205/145
Clean and Jerk 155/105 95/65 135/95
Shoulder to OH 155/105 95/65 115/85
Barbell Snatch 135/95 95/65 115/80
Dumbell Snatch 50/35 35/25 50/35
Front Squat 165/105 115/85 135/95
Thruster 115/85 75/55 95/65
OH Squat 115/85 75/55 95/65
Wall Balls 20/14 14/10 20/14
KB Swings 70/53 53/35 53/35
Toes to Bar Yes Knee ups Yes
HSPU Yes No Handstand Static Hold
Rope Climbs Yes Limited Height Limited Height
Double Unders Yes Yes, or singles Yes
Pull Ups C2B Chin over Bar Chin over Bar
Muscle Ups At least one athlete No One athlete Bar? 😉
Burpees All types All types All types
Box Jumps 30/24 24/20 24/20
Sandbag Cleans Over Shoulder 150/100 100/80 100/80


Team WOD #1 – Girls of Summer v2

Team WOD #2 – Fiver

Team WOD #3 – No Man Left Behind

Team Floater – All For One

Individual WOD #1 – 50/50, Row and Run

Individual WOD #2 – One For the Team, Dumbbell Grind

Individual WOD #3 – 5 Weights on Sunday, Speed Snatch Ladder

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CrossFit Amoskeag features 12,000 square feet of indoor gym space, 3 large parking lots, access to running trails and a kick ass group of supportive CrossFitters. Both sides of the gym will be utilized in this competition with outdoor activity as well. Teams are encouraged to bring tents galore and set up in the rear parking lot.

We are committed to hosting high quality and fun events that reward all parties involved; Volunteers, Competitors, Sponsors, and Spectators.