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Festivus Games Rankings

Thank you again for Saturday. We had an absolutely amazing time. Looking forward to seeing each of you at our next event.

Below are the rankings for all divisions. We are working with Festivus on getting each of your scores put into their system and will let you know here when that is complete.

Woman’s Novice Division

Woman's Novice Winners

1st Elizabeth Barron
2nd Tracey Mclaughlin
3rd Jill Whittemore
4th Luminita Lin
5th Megan Durepo
6th Jennifer Gordon
7th Lisa Schott
8th Alyssia Arsenault
9th Jane Cole

Woman’s Intermediate Division

Woman's Intermediate Winners

1st Katie Larkin
2nd Alyssa Zink
3rd Kelly Erwin
4th Rayne DuPaul
5th Heather Baram
6th Angela Romeo
7th Nina Chang
8th Amy Klagges
9th Patty Tow
10th Tenley Gillett
11th Courtney Heath
12th Michelle Rodonis
13th Caitlin Bova

Men’s Novice Division

Men's Novice Winners

1st Elton Sawyer
2nd Bob Byrnes
3rd Moe Blondeau
4th Mike Shaheen

Men’s Intermediate Division

Men's Intermediate Division

1st Dan Baram
2nd Kevin Geoffrion
3rd Paul St. Onge
4th Zach Sotiriou
5th Terry Gullage
6th Ryan Cronin
7th Jon Snow
8th Sean Bonnell
9th Neil DuPaul
10th Jarrett Bennett
11th Warren Jennings
12th Joe Santiago
13th Matt Butcher
14th Greg Tompkins
15th Eugene Bova

Great job everyone and thank you again!

– Team CFA

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