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Fighting Internal Battles

Internal Battles with Fitness

The Battle is Real…..For everyone

Recently I stumbled along an Instagram post written by one of our coaches Mickey Kilmartin.  Just to give you a little background on Mickey he is a former college soccer player and was on a CrossFit Regionals team – which is one step short of CrossFit’s World Championships, The Games.  

The reality is that although he would humbly rebut the following statement, in the fitness and athletic world he is a 1%’er. Most people would easily make a deal with the devil if it meant they could look and perform like Mickey.  I also believe that most people think that because he has achieved many of the goals others are chasing that he has it easy. They think that he doesn’t struggle with the same internal battles that other people do.

Now back to Instagram…  

In Mickey’s post he talks about “the battle i have in my head every day, week, month.”  Sound familiar everyone? His battle is about not being a “competitive athlete” anymore.  His battle is trying to workout without thinking competitively. HIs battle is with goal setting.  Instead of focusing on the next competition which is much easier to stay motivated for he has to set long term goals and regularly mix up his workout to stay entertained.    

What I want to focus on is that fact that everyone has a battle.  No matter who that person is, what they have accomplished, or where they are in life and fitness.  I repeat that everyone has a battle. It’s important to understand that when you walk into a gym for the first time and look around that you are not alone in how you feel.  Everyone has felt exactly what you are feeling at one time or another and everyone is battling something. Keeping that in mind helps me push through the tough times and makes me think “if they can do it, so can I”.  The more conversations I have with people the more I understand that the rookies think that it’s easy for the veterans. The problem is that if you allow yourself to think that way then you are giving yourself an excuse as to why you can’t be successful when others can.  If you reverse that mindset and realize that everyone is on a level playing field then you give yourself no reason that you can’t do what others can.

So then next time you walk into a situation that seems intimidating or overwhelming and your initial reaction is to tell yourself that you are different than everyone else and that you will not be able to do what they are doing try taking a different approach.  

Instead look around the room and think these things to yourself:

  1. I am no different than anyone else here
  2. If they can do it so can I

Finally remember that everyone is fighting some internal battle just like you are and that no matter what the battle, the most important thing is that you keep fighting.

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