Fitness After Forty - Dave, Member of the Month

Fitness After Forty – Dave – Athlete, Dad and All Around Good Guy


I believe I met Dave on his first day at Amoskeag.  As an owner of a fitness facility, and not necessarily everyone’s coach or trainer, I try to introduce myself to every person that comes through the front door. I want to find out a little about their goals or where they are at in their fitness journey and where they want to go.  What I remember about that first conversation isn’t overly descriptive — an older guy who wasn’t very flexible and didn’t move very well.  What I remember about that first day and workout — an athlete who is willing to work his butt off to improve.

I’ve continued to see Dave give that same level of effort day in and day out.  When he finds something he wants to improve on, he goes after it.  I’ve witnessed him spend countless hours (over the course of many days) working on the most basic of gymnastic skills and progressions.  And you know what?  He moves well know.  He is flexible.  And those workouts don’t beat him up, he beats them up.


DaveWhen/How/why did you choose to CrossFit?

So I started CrossFit in November of 2013, after I turned 40 I wanted to get back into shape,  I did the usual Planet Fitness thing for a while then P90x, Insanity , and a series of home workouts. I had some results but was bored of working out alone in my basement. While searching online for the next workout I came across so many videos about CrossFit and decided I wanted to try it. I joined a gym and I can still remember my first CrossFit workout, 12 days of Christmas. I thought I was in shape at that point but it took me an hour and I was destroyed by it. Since that time I’ve been hooked. I found Crossfit Amoskeag about 6 months later and have been here since.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Amoskeag?

That’s a hard question to answer. I really think there is so much here to like, the coaching, the programming, the facility, open gym times, I guess if I have to pick one thing I would have to say that it’s the family atmosphere. Walking in and knowing folks names, and them knowing yours, kids, dogs just feels comfortable to be here. From a training standpoint having the B-Side which allows you as an athlete space and time to come in and work on skills or extra work outside of class is huge for me.

What role have your family/friends played in your CrossFit journey?

Well I would say my wife has more or less tolerated my obsession with CrossFit, she appreciates I have found something I really enjoy.  Both my teenagers have experienced CrossFit at CFA. My son did the teen program with coach Dan to get prepared for his football season, and my daughter went through the on ramp and is coming now a few times a week. I really enjoy the time with my kids at the gym and it motivates me to keep getting better.

Who at CFA do you look up to, respect or admire and why?Pulling some serious weight

Warren for sure, always positive and working hard,  a few years my senior and still betters me in almost every workout.  He was the first member to come up to me and introduce himself when i started at Amoskeag. He’s always willing to help others, he put together the Masters group on Saturday am that’s been a great success.  I believe he is also involved in several charitable organizations, and for those of you who don’t know all those “Athletes Roll” tanks and tees around the gym came from Warren in support of his sons wheelchair soccer team.

Favorite WOD/Skill?

I really enjoy the odd object/strongman skills when they come up.  Some we don’t do very often, some a bit more but skills such as atlas stones, sandbags, tires, yolk work, I find really enjoyable. I’ve been doing 10 x 15 meter building yolk carries in the last few weeks during open gym times to get some of this kind of work in.

Least favorite WOD or skill (your “Goat”)?

Wall balls, I don’t know particularly why other than I still suck at them and miss the damn target half the time I think in 16.4 I ended up doing like 70 wall balls instead of 55 due to all the no reps.

Biggest challenge so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?

In terms of skills, clearly double unders which have taken me nearly 3 years to get to the point I can get maybe 20-30 in a row. However in the bigger picture fixing my nutrition which when I began was admittedly awful and still a daily challenge. Most of us spend an hour, 5-6 days a week in the gym but nutrition is always there, getting to the point where I am able to be disciplined when I want and cheat when I want has been my biggest challenge

Forty and Up DaveProudest accomplishment so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?

Sticking with it.  We all know CrossFit is hard and the secret that you eventually figure out is that it does not get easier.  So for me to have been at this for three years and learning to enjoy the difficulty is what I am most proud of.

Best experience as part of CFA?

I think the In-Box Comp was a highlight for me. Gave me an opportunity to meet other members I didn’t know, and seeing that high level regionals athletes can throw down with complete beginners and all have fun in the name of fitness was great.

Favorite quote or motto?

A quote from coach Tiffanie shortly after I started “If you stop during burpees, you’re mentally weak”  I know this may sound harsh to someone outside the gym, but we are all able to get to the ground and get back up and the point was just keep moving at whatever pace your body will allow. Our bodies are so much stronger than our minds may believe and I think of this quote often when I am uncomfortable in a metcon just keep moving and you will be surprised by what your body is capable of.

When you think it’s tough, difficult or impossible, what keeps you going?dsc_3362

Well besides what I previously said about coach Tiffanie, I think it’s just plain old stubbornness.  I enjoy the challenges and feel like I let myself down if I give up or quit. I feel like I should be able to do anything/everything whether that’s true or not I guess remains to be seen. I also have to say that I really like the way I look and feel now after doing CrossFit  for a few years, i just feel great outside of the gym and everything else I like to do outside of the gym is easier hiking, running around with the kids, whatever, all feel like a walk in the park.

Future goals?

Well my ultimate goal is to be able to come in the gym and complete the wod rx regardless of what is listed. I would ultimately like to be able to perform all the open wods in the RX standard. 2017 will be the fourth Open since I started CrossFit and I still am not there yet! I am planning to start competing and have signed up for my first comp in December. For me this means obtaining several skills which I still don’t have and improving others which I have but struggle with greatly.

Your message to readers:

Mostly — just have fun. At the end of the day this fitness journey is one of longevity and if you’re going to stick with it you have to learn to enjoy it and find your why. Why are you here, what do you want to get out if it?  If you can figure that out then coming in stops being something you feel you have to do and becomes something you want to do and something that drives you crazy when you can’t.

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