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Functional Movement Screen Results

The results are in!

Exercises to Repair Disfunction

One of our goals will always be longevity. The first step to moving well for a long time is to… move well. Enter the FMS. We administered the FMS to just over 100 people. Of those people we had five distinct groups.

Exercises to Repair Poor Movement

We spend a lot of time on mobility/stretching/yelling at our coaches. It’s all worthwhile. And while we love addressing the groups issues, it’s time to laser in on a few challenges you each have. We’ve split all of you up into four movement correction groups

    T-Spine, Rotation & Twisting Limitation
    Immobile Hips
    Immobile Shoulders
    Core Stability & Weakness

Inside of each group there are six sets of exercises/stretches/movement patters that you should practice at least three times per week. That doesn’t mean you have to go through all of them at once… or only have to do them three times per week. It just means we think you will see a minimum acceptable result with three occurrences.

Without further ado…

T-spine Trouble

    Soft Tissue Work (with or without assistance) & Hanging
    Open Book & Reach + Stint
    Deadlift Wall Pattern w/ Rotation
    Prone Lateral Thumbs up Arch
    Kneeling Chop

Immobile Hips

    Soft Tissue Work
    Band Assisted Hip Stretch / “Squeeze and Release”
    Dead Bug Leg Lowering
    Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
    Deadlift Wall Pattern
    Bridge Leg Raise

Immobile Shoudlers

    Soft Tissue Work (see a trend here)
    Open Book
    Wall Sit w/ Reach
    Quadruped T-Spine Rotation
    Shoulder Packing

Core Stability & Weakness

    Quadruped Cat Cow / Bird Dog
    Kneeling Inverted KB Press
    Push Up Walkout
    KB Carry or Suitcase Carry
    Support Hold, Pushup Hold & Leg Lift
    Bridge Leg Raise

Oh.. I Don’t Know What Any of These Are

We will be linking to videos so you can check those out. In the meantime ask Coach Brad, Mike or Tiff. They should be able to help you out.

Which List Am I In?

For the sake of [internet] privacy the master list will be posted at the gym. You may see which group(s) you are in there. Yes, some of you are in more than one group.

You Said There Were Five Groups?

Yes. If your name is in red on the master please reach out to me or I’ll be reaching out to you. You mentioned “pain” during the FMS. We don’t like pain. We’ve partnered with a physical therapist so we can provide you with a free assessment of what is going on. If it’s not serious, we’ll be able to help. If it is, the PT will provide you with the necessary next steps.

Please reach out with any questions.

– Team CFA

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