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Functional Movement Screen

What a great weekend! Very proud of the athletes. So happy everyone came to visit.

Exercise Programming for Function

This week is a little different. Tuesday, all day, will be the Functional Movement Screen of FMS. What it is…

FMS testing can be administered quickly and easily to identify improper movement patterns, which can then be addressed by using corrective exercises to restore proper movement. The Screen consists of seven tests: the squat, hurdle step, lunge, shoulder mobility, active leg raise, pushup, and rotary stability.

Coach B-rad is a level 2 FMS instructor/administer and will be running everyone through it all day. While that is going on, we’ll have plenty of fun things for you to work on.

In a weeks time you’ll get a set of corrective exercises specific to you that will help improve mobility and overall function.

We’re also going to use the turf this week.

For the first time we’re going to get those sleds out in a WOD. It’ll be an EMOM, so nothing that requires you to push very far or very heavy. Promise it will be fun.


– Team CFA

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