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Get Fit. Give Back. Start Now.

When is the last time your gym did something nice for you? Something nice for your friends, family or even a stranger 1000 miles a way?

We’re different.

Normally we write a short story about the success of a few clients – How much weight they have lost, their reduction in back pain or maybe improved range of motion in the shoulders and hips.

All of that great stuff is still happening.

Instead of the same old, I thought we would take a moment to tell you about our community.

Recently we came to the aid of Lisa and her wife, as the slightly odd photo above shows. As a community we raised money to help them start a family. Nothing could feel better than doing some good for another person. Getting a good workout in was a bonus.

In the past year we’ve raised money for breast cancer awareness, medicine for abandoned puppies, coats for needy children… the list goes on. This, by the way, is just for people showing up to the gym to workout.

On top of that we have given memberships to many local charities to auction off to raise awareness and funds for their respective causes.

I’ll tell you something — we didn’t start a gym in order to give. But it’s what we do now. And it feels great.

When was the last time your $10/mos gym membership did something for your community?

Again — we are 110% about improving your fitness, losing body fat and creating a longer and healthier life. We just realize there are folks out there that can use a little extra help. If you are interested in helping yourself, as well as the others around you, please drop your info into the form below and come to our beginners class starting Monday 8/3.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

– Bob, Jeff, Mike & Tim.

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