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Getting Started in September – Mom Edition

Group CrossFit Classes

Everyone that steps into a gym has two big concerns, time and money.  We can’t help you with the latter, but we think we have the time part covered.  In and out in under an hour; even a working Mom of two like Christy can put herself first and prove that if she can do it – anyone can.

Our beginner program – On Ramp – will get started on 9/6 at 7:30PM.  It will run for two weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.  The first three classes are free.  The program costs $165.  When you finish the 6th class we’ll give you three weeks of group classes for free as well.

Need any more motivation to get started?  Listen to Christy’s story:

What does being fit mean to you?

To me, being fit means being strong and functional in my every day life. Because I take care of my body, I have the energy and endurance to keep up with my two kids and all of their activities. Because I am fit, I don’t get sick often if at all. Because I am strong, I rarely need help loading heavy items in my car or moving furniture. Because of CrossFit Amoskeag, I am able to do more in life with less worry of injury.

How does it play into you being a working mom?

Balance with life and work was a challenge even before adding crossfit to my life. After I invested in myself and started feeling the benefits of going to the gym daily, I made it a priority. I schedule the gym first and my day around it well in advance. Sometimes this means I have to go to the gym at 5am to make sure the kids are where they need to be and to also accommodate my clients. It’s not always easy and sometimes I do have to workout at home. Fortunately we have great coaches that have been able to help me modify workouts using what I have available to me. Most importantly, my kids know that taking care of ME is important and a priority. I want my kids to be able to grow up with that seed planted so they too can find the importance in fitness and self care.

What progress have you made since getting started?

Since starting at CFA, I have felt like I am involved and accepted into the community which is Crossfit Amoskeag. I am a better athlete because of the supportive members and talented coaches at CFA. I have made huge gains in the gym as well as significnat changes to my body. I have progressed in the way I see myself in the mirror and know that I am capable of so much more. During my time here, I have PR’d all of my lifts continuing to do so, and have become a much faster and more efficient athlete. Lastly, I have made big progress in my Spartan racing. In my three races this year, I found myself moving through obstacles much easier than before my CF days, more than two years ago. I love the progress that I have made and continue to make.

What are your fitness goals going forward?

My in-gym goals include building strength throughout my back, legs and core, improving my gymnastics skills, and clean up technique on all my lifts. I have been attending CFA’s oly class and hope to fit it into my schedule as my kids go back to school. I also hope to try out a few more competitions. Outside the gym, I am trying hard to create meal plans that suit me and my family as well, cutting out as much processed foods as possible.Interested in getting started?  Nervous, but think it’s worth giving it a chance?  Fill out the form below… the first three classes are free..   so what do you have to lose?

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