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Getting to Know Your Coach – Coach Mickey

What is your athletic background?
I have been a lifelong gym rat. I played college soccer at Springfield College where I was Captain of the team.

How did you get into CrossFit?
I got involved in Crossfit around 2012 and after witnessing the North East Regionals in Canton, MA, I was hooked. I have gone to regionals 3 times as a team competitor and been able to finish in the top ten with my team twice.

What can an athlete do to stay motivated when they are not achieving a result?
The fitness journey has its peaks and valleys. At times, I have gone over a year without PRing a lift or a workout. Remembering the big picture- you are doing this for your health and betterment- can and should always keep you motivated to come back to the gym and try again day in and day out.

What do you expect from the athletes you coach?
I expect athletes to put forth their best effort and to have fun. Everyone is at the box to get a workout in and enjoy themselves. Why not spend that hour or so giving 100%?

What are your personal athletic goals?
At this point in my athletic career, I am simply trying to maintain health and improve my fitness in the long term.

Proudest accomplishment so far in CrossFit?
Going to Regionals 3 times has been a privilege and my proudest CrossFit accomplishments to date.

What is your favorite CrossFit workout/movement/philosophy to coach?
I love to practice and coach gymnastic movements because they carry over to real life fitness and olympic lifts.

What is your favorite workout/movement to do?
Muscle ups and Handstand push ups. Anything that involves using my arms. My legs have some catching up to do.

What keeps you motivated as a coach?
Seeing athletes achieve their goals inside and outside the gym is my favorite part of coaching. When someone PRs a lift, gets their first muscle up, or hits a great 5K time it makes you feel good as a coach knowing that you helped them along in their fitness journey to accomplish those things.

How has CrossFit affected life outside of the box?
I have found many friends, including my girlfriend (Shannon Arel), through CrossFit and I have become more aware of what a healthy lifestyle looks like inside and outside the gym.

Non-CrossFit related

What are you passionate about?
The NY Giants and teaching. Being a NY transplant to New England it has been hard, but the Giants are my squad. Teaching is my career and it has been the focus of my life for the last 10 years.

What is your favorite movie?

Favorite Meal?
Cereal or Scrambled Eggs

Something you might not know about me is…
I have had my tonsils and appendix removed.

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