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Getting to Know Your Coach – Coach Tiffanie



Getting to Know your Coach – Part 1

As many of you know, Coach Tiffanie will be leaving us again soon for Africa. What you may not know is that this journey to Africa has long been a passion of hers and this time, she will be going to her dream job at the Born Free Foundation in Ethiopia. So given that we may not know our coaches that well outside of how we view them at the gym, we’re launching our “Getting to Know Your Coach” with Africa-bound Tiffanie.

Tiffanie has changed so many lives in her time as a CrossFit coach. She definitely changed mine the day I walked into my first CrossFit gym and greeted me with a terminator-like handshake. Like she’s affected many of you to redefine your concepts of fitness, she’s had a profound effect on my entire family from my wife (who originally vowed to never try CrossFit) to both of my kids, who are coached by her in CrossFit kids every Saturday morning. In some ways, CrossFit Amoskeag would not have come into existence if not for her. In addition to being a great coach, she’s led by example, as a fierce competitor (first female in NH to make it through the Open and into Regionals) and as a great teammate. We’re very fortunate to have Tiffanie as part of our family at CrossFit Amoskeag and we wish her the best.

– Bob



What is your athletic background?

As many of you know, I don’t have an athletic background. I was a skinny goth girl through most of highschool and when other kids were at sports practice, I was listening to angsty music and writing terrible poetry.


12183704_1057540927610890_2716305185402891227_oHow did you get into CrossFit?

A friend of mine in California had gotten into in in 2007 or 2008 and it sounded too crazy and too difficult to me, so I ignored it for another year or two before getting peer pressured into it by Nick Stevens.


What can an athlete do to stay motivated when they are not achieving a result?

So many things! Take stock of why you’re not progressing and be honest with yourself. Make sure you have small goals on the way to your big ones that you can celebrate. Surround yourself with people that are better than you are, that want to help you reach your goals, that challenge you. Talk to someone, especially your coaches about ways to improve.


What do you expect from the athletes you coach?

I expect your best. Every single one of you. I expect you to come in the door ready to work, to listen, to fight me a little (or a lot) when I try to nudge you out of your comfort zone, to succeed, and to take those successes to build your confidence as athletes.CrossFit Kids


What are your personal athletic goals?

When you’re a coach, your goals take a back seat. Now that I’m taking a pretty big time-out from coaching and CrossFit, I want to see how much I can rehab my shoulders, improve my mobility and see how strong I can get using mostly body weight, rocks and hyenas.


What is your favorite CrossFit workout/movement/philosophy to coach?

Shoulder activation and anything overhead, especially jerks and overhead squats.


Sled PullWhat is your favorite workout/movement to do?

Hang power cleans between 65-95lbs, ring muscle-ups and double unders.


What keeps you motivated as a coach?

Every time you trust me and succeed, or fail and try again. I’m just so impressed with you all on a daily basis, that it makes it easy to want to be here every day.


How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the box?

When I started to do things in the gym that I never thought I could do, I started to wonder what else I could accomplish. Grad school and Africa are all direct results of CrossFit and the community I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by.


These answers were a little harder to get…

Favorite Foods

Ice cream, cheesecake, all those healthy foods along those lines…

Favorite Move

The Princess Bride



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