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Gymnastics EMOM’s and You

Pretty simple update this week. We’re going to stick with working single sided exercises. You’ll see them in warm ups and as a part of weightlifting on Monday’s. We’re also going to drop the heavy EMOM volume for a few weeks and focus on some core/stability work in its place.

Stability and the Posterior Shoulder

We’ve seen a lot of people get close to the muscle up. We have a dozen or so ready to hit the catch. We want to make sure those folks, as well as the rest of our athletes, have the ability to stabilize themselves with their shoulders when they get there.

You’ll keep seeing ring rows every week. We’ll be doing those as a scaled pull up for another 4-5 weeks. You’ll see more ring push ups (starting Monday) and EMOM’s that alternate between core exercises and gymnastics pulling/stability movements. Rows, static holds, L-sits from the pull up rig, etc..


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