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How to Customize Your Macros Goals Using MyFitnessPal Premium

One of the absolute best features of the premium MyFitnessPal account is that you can set specific macronutrients, rather than just aiming for a ballpark percentage like with the free version of the app.

This allows you to look at accurate information about your daily macros. This tutorial shows you how to set and update your specific macros using the app.

Step 1 – Go to Your Food Diary

Select ··· More on the bottom right hand corner of the Home Page or Food Diary page.

Step 2 – Check in on Your Nutrition Goals

Select Goals.

Step 3 – Cal and Macro Goals

On the Goals page, select Calorie & Macronutrient Goals.

Step 4 – Select Your Macros

On the Calories & Macros page, select each macronutrient that you want to update one at a time. The calories will update automatically if you just enter in the macronutrients.

Step 5 – Click into Grams (It’s metric.. we know)

The clicker wheel will appear. Ensure that you have it set to Grams. Use the clicker wheel to make adjustments in 1 gram increments.

Select the check to save your macros.

Now when you check your macro goals for the day you will see approximate information.

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