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How to Prevent Injury in Student Athletes

In Spetember of 2017 Time magazine published an article stating that youth sports has become a 15 billion dollar industry.

The fact is college scholarships are saving families hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition fees. This potential for massive financial gains has led to professional level youth sports becoming hyper competitive. What this means is that the days of 3 sport student athletes practicing only a few times a week without any off-season training and earning college scholarships are over. Instead we are seeing kids specialize in a single sport at a significantly younger age and playing that sport year-round while adding strength and conditioning on top of that.

With this high level of competition and specialization at an early age we encounter a host of new issues. Kids are getting injured more often due to muscular imbalances created by playing a single sport year-round and overuse injuries are on the rise due to the fact that the off season is nearly nonexistent. What this means to parents is that we need to better prepare our children for the rigors of youth sports.

In today’s landscape strength and conditioning at a young age is important to prevent injury and give our kids a competitive advantage. Many times, we get asked about “sport specific training” but in our experience if kids at a young age do not have a prerequisite level of strength, coordination, and mobility focusing on “sports specific training” is frankly a waste. CrossFit focuses on GPP (generally physically prepared) meaning that we are focusing on basic strength and conditioning which at a young age is very important for injury prevention and improved performance on the field.

If you want to see your child perform at the top of the ability safely and reap all the rewards of youth sports then CrossFit is one of the best options available.

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