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How to Use Google Sheets for the Nutritional Smackdown

How to use Google Sheets for Nutritional Smackdown


Many of you have asked about how Google Sheets and our specific spreadsheet works. Essentially, the spreadsheet we have shared with all of you is the same as any Excel Spreadsheet you may be used to. We are using Google’s Sheets App to allow for both partners to view that document simultaneously (or separately) at any time as the document resides on the cloud. To get things started, click on this link for the Nutritional Smackdown Spreadsheet.

Once the document loads up, please click on File -> Make a copy.


A copy of that file will be saved onto your personal Google Drive and be accessible to only you from any electronic device that can access the cloud. In order to share it with your partner,


please click the share button in the upper right corner and enter your partner’s email address (note, this only needs to be done by one partner) and make sure “Can Edit” is selected so your partner can also edit the document.


Finally, click on the tabs that say Partner 1 and Partner 2 and rename it to your own names.


That’s it! For any questions, please contact

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