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In the Breath

Sunday marked a great day at the gym.

Our yoga program returned, and with incredible energy!

Genevieve Hoellrich lead the class of a jam packed sixteen athletes. I had to recognize there was not quite enough room for the gangletron king, but I observed the session by listening to the laughs (and groans) from my office next door. Reflecting on how long it has taken to get back to this point prompted a quick blog post, inspired by Genevieve’s first guidance to the class: “it’s all about the breath.”

As athletes pursuing functional fitness, we talk about the breath a lot. We use it to concentrate in our lifts, and we manage it when we train work capacity. In yoga, the breath is truly the center of the form. It helps us find balance in our mind, and can lead to meditation or pranayama, the dedicated practice of breathing in yoga. Here’s a great video from Caren Baginski demonstrating pranayama breath methods. Spending a few hours a week focused on breathing is a great way to improve performance as well as overall quality of life. Mechanics of Active Breathing from Pat Conrad

We work hard and play so it is wonderful to have this method available to us again to help us make the most of our program. Many of us have practiced yoga outside of the gym, but it is always great when we can combine the methods to get the most out of our training day. We’re excited to find more scheduling opportunities so we can get into the breath during the week as well! More on that soon.

I’m so excited yoga has returned and think that the wait was well worth it, now that we have finally found Genevieve! Everyone that was there immediately appreciated her instruction and guidance. For those who have yet to meet her, here is a quick bio to introduce her:

Genevieve Austin began practicing yoga over ten years ago in Montreal Canada as a powerful method of
healing on an emotional, mental and physical level. After several years of a consistent and needed yoga
practice, she felt inspired to become a certified yoga instructor and share her love and belief in the
benefits of a yoga practice.

A certified RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor with 400 hours of training from both Yoga Source Los
Gatos (power vinyasa) and Corepower Yoga. She has studied under Linda McGrath, Maty Ezraty, Sean
Corn and is extremely passionate on continuing her yoga education and journey. She teaches a
challenging yet accessible class emphasizing on moving from the heart and letting the breath and body
move as one.

Yoga has been life changing for Genevieve and she is passionate and grateful about bringing the love
and joy yoga offers to others.

Check in again soon when we’ll review the history of yoga and highlight how power vinyasa relates to the different styles of modern yoga.

Until then, see you on the mat and in the gym!


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