January 2020 Programming Update - Amoskeag

January 2020 Programming Update

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This is the note we received from Jason Khalipa, CrossFit Games Champion, and owner of NCFit / The NCFit Collective.

I’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for you being a part of the NCFIT Collective. Having a group of like minded owners to raise the bar together has been a dream of mine for many years, I’m honored to see it come to life!

The Collective was started to streamline the service our coaches provided worldwide – it came to be out of a necessity and will to continue to thrive through innovation and the desire to make us all better. If there is ever anything the NCFIT team can do to support you, please don’t hesitate to ask. – Jason

We will take the same approach as Jason. If you have any questions. Please ask. We are here to help.

CrossFit Amoskeag is the only area CrossFit gym to offer open gym all the time. If we’re open, then our open gym area is open. Come drop into a class and then check it out. Interested? E-mail Dan at dan@crossfitamoskeag.com

A detailed guide to healthy eating is our free gift to you. Check it out and learn more about our nutrition coaching.

A-Side.. Our 60 Minute Group Fitness Class

Welcome to 2020, ladies & gents! Before getting into the detail for January let’s just quickly chat about how 2020 will be laid out overall for ASIDE. Good news — the nuts and bolts of the ASIDE program will not change. We will still build all of our workouts through the lens of functionality (movements that help transcend the gym), variance (mixing it up to give the broadest exposure), and intensity (adding load, volume, combinations smartly). The workouts will be built to deliver the greatest gain in general physical preparedness over the course of the year — remember we are playing the long game! In 2020, the main evolutions will come in the form of our 2-month focuses, multiple predetermined cycles, and our refined benchmark blueprint (we have lots of fun tests planned each month!). 

Let’s talk about the phases — we have (6) for ASIDE in 2020. New Year Reboot, Conditioning & Skills (Jan-Feb), Barbell & Odd Object Cycling (Mar-April), Olympic Skill & Lifting (May-June), Powerlifting & Pump (July-Aug), The Open, Conditioning & Skills (Sept-Oct), and finally Post-Open, Wendler & End of the Year (Nov-Dec). Each phase will incorporate these focuses in unique ways. Some of the phases will involve more formal cycles like Olympic Lifting & Wendler. While others will incorporate movements, skills, and drills like our New Year Reboot and End of the Year. It will be a really fun and diverse training year. Rest assured we will be getting after it for the next 365 days! 

As you read above, the focus for January is New Year Reboot, Conditioning, & Skills. We will be kicking off the year with some absolute CLASSIC benchmarks to start our reboot. Not only will we be hitting the 1RM Snatch & 1RM Clean & Jerk but we will also be tackling our CrossFit Amoskeag/NCFIT Baselines I & II as well as Fran & Diane. In early January, it will be all about getting back into the gym and establishing new markers for these classic workouts. Before “technically” getting into 2020, we will hit the “2020 Experience” a nasty 20 minute AMRAP for New Years Eve. A fun one to ring in the new year. January will also be about working on those pesky skills! Expect to see skill portions, workouts, and finishers that practice (low intensity) or test (high intensity) skills like the Gymnastic Kipping Pull-up, Handstand Walk, Handstand Push-ups, Muscle-ups, Toes to Bar, and Rope Climbs. Our primary focus early on will be manicuring our gymnastic skills. As we transition in Feb, we will start to shift our focus more toward weightlifting skills. It will be a really fun month in NC60 with all these classics and skills! 

Sweat30 – A half-hour of fitness fun. No barbell necessary.

Wellllllllllllllll, 2020 is here folks! Welcome to January and welcome to yet another great year of Sweat30 where you will witness the (fun, simple, & potent) fitness. Before we dive into what January has for us, let’s quickly snapshot how the next 6 months of Sweat30 will look like. Each month will hold one focus, which will be implemented 3-4 days a week. Sandwiched between these focused days, we will have other great workouts that will include everything that was practiced and refined throughout 2019. Expect to see at least one CF-ish benchmark AND one NCFIT specific benchmark every month as well! Sweat30 is about to get some really fun and memorable benchmarks! 

January 2020 is all about greasing the groove for our gymnastics…it’s all about bodyweight baby and learning how to better move your body through space! By improving our proprioception (whoa, fancy!), we will improve our gymnastics and also our mechanics overall…even when under load. How you move your body through space is crucial and the building blocks of everything else we do in and out of the gym. Each week will progress in either volume and/or complexity of the focus movement itself. We will use mini-progressions to get big wins and keep things fresh. Get ready to move through different ranges of motion and planes of movement. But most of all, get ready to sweat, breath heavy, and be pushed by some really fun conditioning workouts! 

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

All throughout 2020, athletes following NCCompete can expect programming that will prepare them to do well in the Open and other online competitions. This style of programming will also serve to prepare athletes well for local competitions. Essentially, we will be removing any “Games” style prep. All workouts and all equipment will be accessible to you in the four-walls of the gym (caveat…yes, you will still run!). Our main focus will be GPP (General Physical Preparedness)…getting athletes as fit as possible while not leaning too far in one direction. With this approach, athletes should feel confident to step out of the program and compete at any time during the year. The program will technically peak for the Oct Open; however, athletes can self-taper by reducing volume 1-2 weeks out from a local comp then jump back into training. If you want to do well in the Open or you’re a “weekend warrior”, this is the program for you! 

In regard to testing, competitors will mainly be measured against the benchmarks for NC60. NCCompete is be an extension of the focuses for NC60. There will be additional tests for NCCompete including more strength markers, gymnastic skill tests, and historic Open favorites; however, a very well-rounded view of an athlete’s fitness can be derived from how they perform throughout the year in NC60 benchmarks. NCCompete will also now honor a 2-hour training cap, but we will continue to program in the A → B → C format. Each day, all parts will be manageable for most athletes within 2-hours (Parts A/C for 1 hour and Part B for 1 hour). Part A will always be Conditioning. Part B will always be NC60. Part C will always be Strength/Skill. This format can be adjusted by athletes as needed, and parts can be completed in any order. 

Let’s talk January…we’ve got a lot of testing to be done from NC60 (Fran, Diane, NCFIT Baseline I & II). We will also be continuing on with our Wendler 2.0 push for NCCompete, and we will wrap up with tests of the 1RM Back Squat and Strict Press. Our skills focus for NCCompete will involve higher rep range tests and testing of our higher skills under duress. We will practice, yes…but we will also be testing how well you can manage your skills when your heart rate is through the roof. Athlete goals for January should include kicking off the year with consistency, tests/re-tests of our benchmarks, and honing in on skill development. If there’s a particular skill that you need to develop, athletes following NCCompete should feel confident making some adjustments as needed. For example, if you have Kipping Muscle-Ups all day but your can’t perform a Strict Muscle-Up, you should shift your practice to strict. If you are a Kipping Pull-up Ninja with dozens unbroken but you struggle with anything upside down, you should make some smart substitutions in your skill work to focus more on your weaknesses. You will get the greatest bang for your buck in overall fitness by fortifying your weaknesses. Remember…it’s always the case that your weakest link will show up when you least want it to!

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