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Jim – Everything is Easier

You May Have Noticed The Chalkboard Near The Bay Doors Which Lists The Reasons Why Members In Our Gym Love CrossFit. I’m Unsure If Jim Jedow Listed A Single Reason On The Board On Why He Loves CrossFit, But His Final Unsolicited Comment In This Q&A Made Me Smile, Fight Back Tears, And Be Really Proud Of Our Community.

Jim Started At CrossFit Amoskeag A Little Over Three Years Ago, And Has Checked Into The Gym A Total Of 729 Times. In The Past 8 Weeks, Jim Has Averaged 6 Days Of Fitness A Week, Which Is The Second Highest Rate Of Anyone In The Gym!

Chances Are, You Know Jim, Have Seen Jim, Or Have Worked Out Alongside Him Without Knowing Because His Class Times Are All Over The Map Since He Began. Lately, Jim’s Been Frequenting The Morning Classes And Has Been Perfecting His Handstand Walking Skills After Partners Wods On The Weekends.

If You Haven’t Had The Opportunity To Meet Jim, Introduce Yourself And Give Jim A High Five For Dropping A Bunch Of Weight, Gaining Confidence And Getting To The Gym At All Hours Of The Day. I Asked Him A Few Questions About His CrossFit Journey, Here Are His Responses:

What made you decide to try Crossfit?
I Wanted To Begin To Focus Again On My Fitness And Get Into A Better Routine Of Going To The Gym.
What was your athletic experience prior to CrossFit?
Swimmer In High School. Basketball, Running, Weight Lifting (Planet Fitness Style). As I Have Gotten Older, Running Longer Distances Became Too Boring. I Have Tried To Get Back Into The Pool Multiple Times But As With Running, Boring!
What keeps you being a member of CFA?
The People At CFA Are Great. Supportive But Always Willing To Push You To Do Better. The Workouts Are Always Changing.
What’s been your favorite experience as a member of the gym?
PRs Are Very Enjoyable. However, I Most Enjoy Workouts Like White, And All The Other Hero WODs. These Folks Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice For Our Freedoms. The Least I Can Do Is Honor Their Service.
What’s your favorite thing to work on?
It Was Anything Shoulder To Overhead Because It Came Easy To Me. Lately, It Has Been Pull-Ups, C2Bs And Working Towards A Muscle-Up.
Least favorite?
Squats Should Be Banned Worldwide!
Goals for 2019 – and beyond?
I Am Working On Removing Another 15 Lbs Which Will Be My High School Swimming Weight.
How has being in shape helped you in everyday life?
Everything Is Much Easier. Example: I Finished Hero WOD White At About 10:00 AM On Labor Day. I Was On The Hiking Trail At Noon With Friends For An Extended Hike Up Uncanoonuc. My Self-Confidence Is Also Much Higher And I Also No Longer Shy Away From Looking At Myself In The Mirror.
Favorite music to workout to?
If I Need To Get Motivated, I Enjoy Old School Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,Etc). More Recently, I Enjoy Whatever Is Playing As Long As It Is Upbeat.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting?
CrossFit Is 80% Diet And 20% Fitness (Thanks Dan!)

Just a note of thanks to everyone at CrossFit Amoskeag. My personal life has changed significantly over the past few months. The owners, coaches, and members have all been supportive as I have navigated these changes, giving me space when I required it, a person to talk to when I needed it, and the push I needed when necessary. Thank you…. Great People – So happy CFA became a part of my life

- Jim Jedow
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