July 2020 Programming Focus - Amoskeag

July 2020 Programming Focus

CrossFit Amoskeag is the only area CrossFit gym to offer open gym all the time. If we’re open, then our open gym area is open. Come drop into a class and then check it out. Interested? E-mail Dan at dan@crossfitamoskeag.com

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A-Side.. Our 60 Minute Group Fitness Class

I think we can safely say that we are starting to knock some of the rust off, people! Nothing better than a month of classic GPP to get the blood flowing. Let’s remember that in NCMETCON that we are always looking for broad exposure to a wide range of workout stimulus. This means that we will go long, short, light, heavy, and everywhere in between! In June, we wanted to hit a hard reset and just get back to programming fun and effective GPP workouts. We intentionally stayed away from max loading and benchmarks workouts to allow athletes to focus on just being back in the gym and getting after it. Now, let’s talk about how we will evolve that position in July!

We are still planning on throwing our “fastball” (well-rounded GPP) in July but we are going to start dialing it up a notch. You can expect to see a few classic benchmarks pop back into the program, specifically: Cali Bear, DT, and Gwen. In addition, we will be adding back in a few classics from May and June that we missed, specifically: Death Row, Isabel, and Fran. Even if you just did those (6) workouts it would be a great month, but we’ve got more! In honor of July 4, we will be hitting the big Hero workout, Hollyman. This is a great test of both strength, conditioning, and overall grit. Surrounding these workouts you will find other amazing workouts will be tough and varied falling inline into couplets (2 movement workouts), triplets (3 movement workouts), going long about 2x per week, and going heavy-ish about 2x-week.

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

In June, we leaned into the following formats for conditioning and strength, respectively. Conditioning always included at least one of each the following: Long Grind, Short Sprint, Interval + Skill, Additional Metcon, and Just Move. Strength always included at least one of each of the following: Squat, Push, Pull, Oly Heavy, Oly Skill, Gym Strength, and Accessory. It’s important to remember that our competitor’s track is still GPP…it still must be well-rounded enough to step out at any time during the year and perform reasonably well at that task in front of you. Some programs lean more heavily into cycles but this is a sport in which you are tested against an unbiased selection of workouts. When you go to compete, the competition doesn’t care if you’re in a cycle or not. So, we will always be looking to improve everything all the time. That can seem daunting but it’s also an extremely effective way to train for unknown tests. In fact, this is the approach for most of the top athletes in the sport of fitness…train everything, caught off guard by nothing.

In July, we will turn the dial up on this kind of focus even more. Guaranteed every week in Compete you will see the following: (1) Long Conditioning Effort (20min+ dedicated to aerobic capacity), (1) Sprint Intervals (<2min repeated efforts), (1) Interval + Skill (EMOM format, moderate length, high intensity, skill + conditioning), (1-2) Additional Metcon (mixed modal, Open-style workouts), and (1) Just Move (15-20min of flow movement with or without a vest). Strength will also be more consistent through the month of July with the following elements weekly: (1) Heavy Squat, (1) Heavy or Skill Push, (1) Heavy or Position Pull, (1) Oly Heavy or Complex, (1) Oly Skill or Speed Work, (1) Gym Strength or Additional Skill, and (1) Strength Accessory. Again, in this program you have increased volume and intensity on training days…so, on the rest days we ask that you honor those days and approach recovery with the same seriousness as you would approach a workout! If you are looking to move or flush out the body on those days, we would recommend an active recovery approach…long, low, and slow, my friends. No extra intensity efforts if you expect to bring it on training days!

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