July Member of the Month - Amoskeag

July Member of the Month

While we haven’t published a newsletter for a few months due to overwhelming activities at our growing gym, it should be little surprise at our selection for member of the month. No matter when you joined our family at CrossFit Amoskeag, I’m sure the majority of you have had interaction with Patricia at some point as she makes a point to introduce herself and welcome anyone who walks through our doors. Patricia joined us in September 2014 with our second On Ramp. A friend of hers wanted to try out this thing called CrossFit and dragged her along. After deadlifting her own bodyweight during her second On Ramp session, we could tell she was hooked! Since then, she’s not only been hitting PR’s constantly through her tireless work five to six days a week, she’s also established herself as a wonderful friend, athlete and ambassador for our gym. Congratulations

1. Why CrossFit? After losing the college (over)weight, I was getting bored of running at Planet Fitness. I only ventured to the weight section when no men were there because it was intimidating and I didn’t know proper form.
2. What are your favorite things to do in the gym? Social butterflying… and overhead squats.
3. Least Favorite? Warming up. Not a fan of DB thrusters.
4. If you had to describe your CrossFit Amoskeag experience to someone totally new, what would you say? On-ramp was a great session to learn basics of CF. People are always willing to help at CF Amoskeag – whether it’s technique or even random questions regarding food, health, etc. I’ve met so many friendly people here, and I’ve been looking forward to walking through that door everyday after work since day 1!
5. What is something that most people don’t know about you? I’m asian (omg!)
6. Short Term and Long Term Goals: According to someone who wrote on the goals board, 115 snatch and 155 squat clean. I’d like to work on endurance. Long term, I want to be find a balance of healthy and happy.
7. What is your motivation to get into the gym? The 6:30 crew!!!, and all the supportive people at CFA!
8. What is your athletic background? Competitive swimmer since age 4.
9. What Changes in your life both physically and mentally have you seen since you first started? Physically, I’ve gained muscle and become stronger. Mentally, I’ve grown into a better and stronger person. CFA has so many independent and positive role models that help encourage me to improve upon myself.
10. Favorite WOD: Chippers!!! (w/ no HSPU)
11. If you could design one workout, what would it be?

For Time
20 C2B Pull Ups
40 Walking Lunges w/ weight overhead
60 DU
60 Ab mat situps
40 box jumps
20 Pistols

12. Favorite Food: Costco made everything pizza!

13. Just in case you didn’t notice, you are an inspiration to a lot of people not only at Amoskeag, but I am sure plenty of others outside of our walls. Are there people around you that inspire you? If so, who are they and why?

That’s a very nice compliment, but I just try to be myself and treat
Others how I’d like to be treated. I follow a few crossfit Instagram icons like Australian crossfitter/lululemon ambassador, Revie Schulz. I look up to many strong personalities in our gym. Often times, I doubt myself in lifts or wods, and a CFA member will say “Come on, yes you can.” (Shelley, Jake, Bob Chang, Jeff, Kelly, Bob Brynes, Tiff, Moonshine, Tim, and many others)! I also look up to my dad for training me to not give up and hold my own.

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