June Member of the Month - IRONMAN - Amoskeag

June Member of the Month – IRONMAN

Andy's Latest Ironman finish!

People interested in CrossFit often ask what CrossFit prepares you for. For the general population, CrossFit can prepare you for life. For Andy Jones, a seasoned IRONMAN triathlete (and Grandfather!), CrossFit was a great addition to his training program and helped him build strength and endurance to PR in every leg of the race. Congratulations Andy! We look forward to seeing your growth in the sport of CrossFit and continued PRs in IRONMAN. Good luck in the remaining (1 Full IRONMAN 140.6, 2 Half 70.3) races this season!

-Team CFA


When/How/why did you choose to CrossFit?
My friend Jen Wagner told me how she was working out at CrossFit a couple years ago, and this past winter we bumped into each other, and I said I thought I’d give it a try….She highly recommended CrossFit Amoskeag!

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Amoskeag?
The Family-Like environment and Positive Attitude from everyone !  Really makes you want to go and get a good workout in.  I am really impressed how everyone encourages everyone during the workouts, makes you feel like your on a Team.

andyjonesironmanWhat role have your family/friends played in your CrossFit journey?
I’ve always been supported at home with my training, my wife and kids all workout.  Exercise is so important,  we even do a few events like Road Races and Spartan together ……. “That’s The Good Stuff”

Who at CFA do you look up to, respect or admire and why?
Everybody Is Great At CFA, though Zach was the first person I met when I walked in one day to get the scoop.  I also take the morning classes where Zach usually coaches.  He knows my goals as a Triathlete and helps make sure I don’t injury myself.  His upbeat Attitude is Awesome ! I enjoy all the Coaches, very knowledgable and willing to answer any questions.

Favorite WOD/Skill?
The “Air Bike” Of Course…..Just Kidding, That Thing Is A Kick In The Butt !!   I really like the Metcon’s.  With my training for Ironman, these really help in many ways.  Cardio, Strength and Flexibility and the intensity they are performed at.

Least favorite WOD or skill (your “Goat”)?
Some of the more technical exercises like Muscle Ups on Rings, Rope Climb and Kipping Pull-Ups.  I can’t do a hand stand…….yet 🙂

Biggest challenge so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?
“Time”……Fitting everything in for Ironman Training, Work, CrossFit, etc.    Life Is A Balance, It Takes Work.

Moving StonesProudest accomplishment so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?
I recently had my fastest Bike Leg at Ironman Texas last month.  Texas was my 10th Ironman 140.6, and it was the first time I averaged over 20 mph during the 112 mile bike.  I know it’s from CrossFit and all the leg strengthening we do.  Almost every exercise incorporates our legs.  It helped in the 2.4 mile swim with more shoulder power and endurance.  And during the Marathon, my legs felt stronger.  Finishing in 10hrs and 54 mins., I know CrossFit Training was a big part of it.  Looking forward to my remaining races this season.   Thanks CFA !!

Best experience as part of CFA?
The Friendly family environment and attitude from everyone, Very Positive !

Favorite quote or motto?
The Ironman Mantra “Anything Is Possible”, and one from a past Tri Coach and training partners……”Dare To Dream, Start To Finish”

When you think it’s tough, difficult or impossible, what keeps you going?
I honestly feel our “Minds” are a very strong.  We need to get in our heads as say to ourselves ” I Can Do This…..”

Future goals? 
I would like to get into Crossfit Competition someday. Once I get all the  exercises down.

Your message to readers:
Never Say “I Can’t”……As we go through this thing called “Life”,  always say “I Can” and at least try.  I honestly believe if we keep in shape, keep goals and focus on being as healthy as we can, Life Will Be Good.  CrossFit Amoskeag and the Positive Energetic Atmosphere will help us achieve what ever goals we may have and allow us to have Fun doing it !!


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