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Keep Getting Strong – Programming Update – 3.1.15

This is the start of a weekly series on our programming. Every weekend a post or a video will come out talking about the week, our goals and some thoughts on our progress. This one is short and sweet. Please provide feedback via Facebook or as a comment here to the blog.

– Team CFA

Keep Getting Strong

We are going to keep pushing ourselves on the squat. Why? Because everyone continues to add weight with good form. The A/B group set up is going to remain in tact for both the Back and Front Squats this week. If you started on A last week, stick with it. You shouldn’t be switching between those two groups at all.

Front Squatting for Bigger Deadlifts and Cleans

Time to start focusing on an upright torso. There is tremendous carry over to the clean, snatch, overhead squat and even the deadlift from the front squat. Really fight to keep your back upright and tight as much as possible.

Drop Sets & You… Why Volume Works

You’ll see several workouts this week with “3@95%, 3@90%”. These are called drop sets.. very fancy!! The idea is to add some volume under a little bit of fatigue (from the work you just finished). If we are running low on time OR you feel absolutely smashed already.. skip these. It’s OK.

Metcon’s and the Open

We’re going to spend some time with the barbell this week… but a little less than you might think. You’re going to see the dumbbells come out more often in metcons, especially overhead. Shout out to Gene Brown for reminding me how awesome Dumbbell Thrusters are. Over the next 8 weeks we are going to sneak in a lot more single sided work to build symetry across your bodies. This will help add stability.. and then even more strength.

We’re Talking an Awful Lot About Strength

What if you just want to lose weight? We promise the best way to loose weight is to replace a pound of fat with a pound of muscle. Check out this awesome entry on the Basal Metabolic Rate for more info.


Remember to post your in gym (or handstand at the beach, Patty) photos to instragram and tag them with #AMOSKEAGSTRONG. We are going to start using that feed to populate our daily WOD with a picture from our members. Snowman.. this isn’t Facebook so you have no excuse not to participate.

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