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March Member of the Month – Hunt for Greatness

Brandi Hunt

“HUNT FOR GREATNESS” That’s what the t-shirt says, but for the month of March the saying is “GREATNESS FOR HUNT” Brandi Hunt that is. This self admitted “sideline girl” who doesn’t like to put herself out there due to a fear of failing has succeeded in so many ways.
Being a CrossFit athlete isn’t about lifting the most weight, or having the fastest times; It’s about being the best version of yourself that you can be and since starting at CrossFit Amoskeag Brandi has bettered herself in so many ways. She has squashed the “sideline girl” by throwing herself into multiple competitions and now The Crossfit Open. She is stronger than ever, both physically and mentally, and most importantly has adopted a much healthier lifestyle which has upgraded her overall quality of life.
Brandi is the kind of athlete that I love to coach. She never says no and rises to every challenge. She listens to what her coach tells her and just does it without question. Brandi is willing to give just about anything a try and will step up to a challenge when it is given (even when it’s just a little taunt on Facebook). Also Brandi brings an energy and level of enthusiasm with her that can positively change the attitude of a large class in a second. This is why is both a coach and athlete,
I’ll take Brandi on my team anyday.
Brandi Hunt has earned the honor of being the CrossFit Amoskeag member of the month. So as the new popular facebook post says…

This is Brandi
Brandi is a CFA athlete
Brandi shows up to class every day, works her butt off, and leads a healthy lifestyle
Brandi is smart
Be like Brandi.
Congrats Brandi!

Coach Dan and the CFA community


When/How/why did you choose to CrossFit?Co-Ed Comp

Quite honestly, an advertisement for the On Ramp program showed up as a shared post on my Facebook newsfeed. Being a smoker for 20 years and being as out of shape and overweight as I was, I needed a new addiction and I thought,  “Well, there’s something completely different I could try.” I quit smoking the first day of On Ramp and never looked back. I’ve also been hooked on CrossFit ever since.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Amoskeag?

Just one? Couldnt possibly pick just one…I’m in love with everyone there: The amazing coach staff who put up with my inadequacies and my twisted humor and forever try and help and push and support me the community feel the support from every single member new or old there is just such a sense of belonging when you walk through the doors like people are genuinely happy to see you and want to see you succeed

What role have your family/friends played in your CrossFit journey?

Unfortunately not much…I chose this path on my own and the love isn’t shared some friends are envious of my transformation and my commitment and they do support me in my choice of sticking with CrossFit and they listen to the typical CrossFit chatter that spews from my mouth. But most just think I’m crazy.


Who at CFA do you look up to, respect or admire and why?

Patty and BrandiThere are so many, so to keep it short, here are just a couple…
Rayne– From the first time I met her I wanted to be her…Corny, I know…She is such a hard worker and all around nice person…I remember this one awful work out that was time capped. Coach Kyle gave the option of lifting the cap finishing the full 5 rounds past the allotted time …Well, I went for it! I was not giving up and just when I thought I couldn’t do another round, Rayne came to me and asked if she could run my last lap with me. If it wasn’t for her being there on the trail along side of me, I would have walked, but she kept me going and pushed me to finish.
Emily Dubois-I mean, need I say more?  Amazing girl… so determined, so sweet, so supportive…Pushing me to do one more rep or adding the weight and telling me not to add it up and just do it ….Just an amazing spirit!
Patty– So full of life! Always with a smile or kind word. I believe she was the first member to introduce herself to me after on ramp.
The 6:30 Crew!-It would be way more convenient for me to come in earlier in the day,  but I would rather be there with them.

Favorite WOD/Skill?

Tire flipping…I get so excited when I see tire flipping day!
Split jerks because it is the one single weight lifting move I took to right away. It was the only movement that I could do right away. I struggle with so many weight lifting moves that that one just makes me happy because I can do it!
and back squats because they are easy and I feel accomplished when I can get a heavy weight
Scaring the crap out of Coach Tiffanie and Zach,,,yeah I did that


Least favorite WOD or skill (your “Goat”)?

WALL BALLS…hate hate hate…Such a simple task. I watch others do it with ease and I just want to cry everytime (and have on occasion).


Biggest challenge so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?

Getting out of my own head and over thinking movements…Just completely setting myself up to fail.  I know it’s all just in my head! I have the skills and the coaching, but I lose it all in my head.


Proudest accomplishment so far (in CrossFit, health or nutrition)?Co-Ed Comp

I have had many! Some big, some small, like the transition to a 20 inch box for box jumps. I have always been a sideline girl, never putting myself out there for fear of failing. I am very proud of myself for participating in the Co-Ed Comp and Gene Brown’s Make-A-Wish NH Charity Event. Hearing that I was the top female in so many categories of the Nutrition Challengewas a very proud moment for me. I have Dan Baram to thank for all his guidance and support through the whole thing and my partner in crime Megg for helping keep me on track! The first time I actually did a clean after over 3 months of trying…and Dave Chang saying, “Oh, you could go heavier.”

Best experience as part of CFA?

All the friendships made in such a short time and the community feel .

Favorite quote or motto?

Better late than never…

When you think it’s tough, difficult or impossible, what keeps you going?

Usually Tiffanie standing there watching and encouraging and not letting me give up when I think there is nothing left. Also, knowing how far I have come and how much further I want to go.

Future goals?

I actually started a list this year of my goals… A few of them are

– To be able to do a pull up (just one without a band, which once again Rayne has offered to help me with and work with me)
– 10 unbroken push ups
– Double unders

Your message to readers:

Just Do It…Don’t think about it. Jump in with both feet. Show up and do it, You will never regret it!

Members of the Month!
Members of the Month!
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