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My Masters Journey: Qualification

If you missed it or need a refresher, read parts one and two of this series.

In my first meet and all the lifts so far in this meet, I didn’t remember anything any of the coaches for the last year had told me.  I was too nervous and just tried not to throw up.  But for this lift, which I have never done more than my last attempt (although I did clean more and jerked 155, I had never put them together) things became clear:

“Arms straight but ok, Joe if you have a little bend”; “More patience”; “Setup closer to the bar”; “Don’t let the bar get too far away”; “Get in that power position”; “Lock out the legs before the jerk to rest”; “Controlled dip”…there are so many more.

But they all came to me, clearly and in order. And then it happened.  I made the lift! Not that it mattered but for my last lift I tried 84kg(185lbs) and got the clean, but dropped it without attempting the jerk (I couldn’t get it off my throat and when I did, I was exhausted).

Atlas stones are great for working that midline.

So what’s next?

The Nike American Open Series.  I’ve selected to go to Series 1, the first of 3 they have in the year. Why? Because this year it’s hosted by The Arnold!! Yes, the Arnold Fitness Festival!!

Here’s a secret that I told only a handful of people. As soon as I learned of AOS, I set a new goal: I will be lifting at the AOS and standing on the podium.  

Around me is boundless opportunity. Why should I fear?

Now that there are approximately 4 months before AOS, my plan for month one is:

Week 1: Take it easy during the weightlifting and WODs.  My body was a little run down and needed some recovery.  Remember,  I am a Master 🙂

Weeks 2-4: Start going hard again with a few weightlifting sessions sprinkled in.  An example of one of my workouts included:

  • 3-Position Snatch (ground, below knee, above knee) 60%,65%,70% x 4 sets
  • Snatch Pull 90% of sn x 3 x 2, 95% x 3 x 2
  • Back Squat 70% x 5 x 5
  • Push Press 70% x 5 x 5

Also had time for first pull work after morning class:

Results from month 1: Going easy in week 1 really energized me for class and weightlifting. There was only 1 weightlifting session where I felt like I had enough before I finished. Ben, the Olympic lifting coach, had recommended that I continue to work on strength. And I have been with a bit more squatting- and it’s been fun!

Looking forward to this upcoming month of training where the weights and volume get a little more intense.

CrossFit Amoskeag is hosting a Fundraiser on Saturday January 20th to help send Joe to the AOS Arnold’s Classic in March! Get full details here or use the form below to sign up and/or donate.

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