Membership & Services

Unlimited Membership Rates

12 Month Unlimited
$165per month
  • Group Classes
  • Open Gym/B-Side
  • Community Events
  • * Requires 12 mo contract
6 Month Unlimited
$175per month
  • Regular Classes
  • Open Gym/B-Side
  • Community Events
  • *Requires 6 mo contract
No Contract Unlimited
$185per month
  • Group Classes
  • Open Gym/B-Side
  • Community Events
  • Month-to-month

Punch cards are available for infrequent visitors at a rate of 10 visits for $150.


Personal Training

Personal training programs are designed to meet individual goals and sessions are held 1-on-1 with a member of our supportive coaching team. Guidance and meetings are available throughout the session term and participants are able to track their progress in Wodify.

Personal Training Packages

Single Session
$99$99 per Session
3 Sessions
$270$90 per Session
5 Sessions
$425$85 per Session
10 Sessions
$800$80 per Session
20 Sessions
$1,500$75 per Session

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Nutrition Planning

Diets that Fuel Your Performance

This service is ideal for the athlete looking to get a handle on their diet and maximize their progress in the gym. Eating healthy is always a key element of achieving any health-related goal, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or specialty training.

When you sign up for Nutrition Planning you’ll meet with a qualified instructor for a consultation to discuss your unique goals. From this meeting you’ll be given a Daily Nutrition Plan and recommendations for foods that will help you meet your specific macronutrient needs. Measurements of weight and body fat will be benchmarked and retaken every 4 weeks to evaluate your progress and help you succeed. You’ll also be given access to My Fitness Pal for logging your food and regular monitoring along with receiving a weekly email with instructor feedback.

Nutrition Planning requires a 3 month commitment and costs $99 per month.

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