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Mini Nutrition Smackdown Winners

The Crossfit Amoskeag Mini Nutritional Smackdown has officially come to an end. First I would like to congratulate all participants. For those of you who stayed on track the whole 4 weeks great job. You have kicked off 2016 on the right track. Now carry the momentum you have created to achieve all your goals this year. Some participants hit a few bumps in the road, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Healthy eating is a life long journey and the most important thing you can do is take the lessons you learn along the way and carry them forward. So although we will be crowning a champion, everyone that participated is a winner because they have taken a major step towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

Your Winners are…

When it comes the the race to be crowned Mini Smackdown Champion of the world it was extremely close and came down to one point. In second place is Nicole Gugliucci. Great job Nicole. Our Champion of the world can also be called Mr. February. He is already the Member of the Month for February 2016 and now the winner of the Mini Smackdown… Warren Jennings. Warren took this challenge extremely seriously from the beginning and it is obvious in both his appearance and performance that the nutritional changes he has made have served him well.

Keep Losing Weight

So although this wraps up another successful nutritional challenge in the gym please keep in mind that a healthy nutritional program is key to achieving your goals. So if you need nutritional support whether is a customized program or just a quick question answered I am always here to support you. Just email me at and I will do my best to help. Once again I want to say great job everyone keep up the good work.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Commissioner/Coach
Dan Baram

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