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New Oly Coach for July and a New Class!

With Moonshine’s departure, July comes with a host of changes in the coaching schedule. Class schedule will not be affected, but you may see some different coaches at different times. Who will be replacing Moonshine? Stay tuned! (Despite the image, it’s not Mickey, but feel free to keep guessing!)

Back to the subject of this post and the picture of this strong looking fellow in the overhead squat position. Starting July 11th (holiday schedule for July 4th), Coach Mickey will replacing Coach Chris for Olympic Lifting Class Tuesday mornings at 6am. His “Getting to Know your Coach” profile is coming soon, but let’s just say that this Team Regionals level competitor can move that barbell.

Immediately following Oly Class, Mickey will be coaching our newest session, a bodybuilding class affectionately named BBM (Bodies by Mickey) at 7am. Here’s Coach Mickey’s intro to the class:

CrossFit and Olympic lifting are amazing tools for getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, as crossfitters, we often shy away from anything that resembles the old fashioned “body building” we see done at the local globo gym. Ironically, functional body building is something that is probably missing from your fitness routine that could help you in metcons and your Olympic lifts. The goal of my functional body building class is to work on creating a solid base of strength in your pressing, pulling, and midline (core). Yes, there will be bench press. Yes, there will be curls. And yes, your CrossFit performance will benefit from all of it. Not to mention, it’s beach season. All the more reason to throw a few extra curls and sit-ups in the mix.


If you have any questions, please contact Bob or Mickey directly.

Thanks to RX Photography, Brandon Mui and TWL Gear for the photo

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