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New Year, New You. Get Fit in 2015

2014 was a good year. How good? Here is what Patty has to say:

Crossfit Amoskeag is not only a crossfit gym but a family and a community. I started their on-ramp course in September and have met so many wonderful people along the way. The coaches and owners are always helpful, attentive, and making sure everyone is challenged while keeping safety at the forefront. Fellow crossfitters are extremely supportive and encouraging. Everyone here is genuinely about well-being – inside and outside of the box. – 5-star review on Google +

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How to lose weight with Crossfit

lossing weight with crossfit

What about Eric? Down 35 pounds since September AND fitting into size 36 jeans for the first time since he was a freshman in high school. How did he do it? He joined our CrossFit On Ramp program and then continued with an unlimited membership. What is the On Ramp program? It’s our program for CrossFit beginners where we teach you all of the fundamentals of being fit. The cost is $150 for 6 hour long classes over the course of two weeks. Upon completing the course we give you 3 weeks of unlimited, instructor lead classes to help you get started.

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So what should you expect if you join? You’ll be challenged in a safe, athletic way which helps improve your overall fitness. Keep up with the program and pay attention to your diet — and you can be just like Eric. The great news is your first 3 classes are free of charge and no obligation.

Make bigger gains with CrossFit

Not interested in losing weight? More into building strength and athletic ability? Check out what Jarrett says: get stronger at crossfit in bedford

And guess what — he did it the same way. Jarrett started at another CrossFit facility and then joined us. He has seen amazing gains since October 1st. In fact, he’s having such a good time he’s convinced his wife to join us as well.

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